“Major L”: Fans Divided After Latest Update on Roman Reigns’ Post-WrestleMania Schedule

Published 04/09/2023, 3:00 PM EDT

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Just a week has passed after Roman Reigns defeated Cody Rhodes in an unexpected turn of events at the grandest stage of WrestleMania and ended up extending his historical title reign that is taking greater pace towards a milestone 1000 days mark.

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There have been previous rumors of The Tribal Chief going on a temporary break following his WrestleMania match until the Champion himself ruled out, saying he won’t go anywhere anytime soon. But it seems like that lesser schedule buzz is again on the verge of gaining momentum as his potential WWE Backlash status came to light.

The major update revealed regarding Roman Reigns’ next pay-per-view appearances


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The Stamford-based company’s next Premium Live Event will take place on May 6th in Puerto Rico. This event is of utter importance for Puerto Rico as San Juan is going to get its first-ever show ever since New Year’s Revolution in 2005. Bad Bunny’s massive popularity might be a major factor behind the company’s decision to take the show back to Caribbean Island. With that being said, the show will miss out on the top dog of WWE’s current roster, Roman Reigns.

Dave Meltzer of the wrestling observer Newsletter has dropped a major disheartening update regarding Roman Reigns’ future appearance in the WWE’s premium live events.


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The report says, ”Reigns will not be on the San Juan card, or at least that wasn’t the plan on Monday, but he will be doing other major events over the next few months.”

The Bloodline without The Tribal Chief will wrestle at the upcoming PLE, but it certainly is not enough to tame the frustration of fans who utterly expected to see Roman defending his title at the event.

Fans came up with mixed reactions after Roman Reigns’ Backlash status came to light

Given that the current undisputed WWE Champion won’t be available for the upcoming backlash, fans have even cast doubts on his worth of possessing the championship belt.

A few fans reflected on how heartbreaking the update is for those Puerto Rico fans who have big hopes regarding seeing The Tribal Chief wrestling in their hometown.

A fan also didn’t hold back from taking a dig at WWE’s decision of unifying the championship titles.

A fair portion of them quite expectedly referred to that infamous ‘Vince is back’ stance as the sole reason behind the major shocker.

Some users also took some extreme sarcastic digs at Roman Reigns for calling out his unexpected absence from the ring.

Some Cody Rhodes fans took the perfect opportunity to justify why they rooted for Cody Rhodes as the new champion and how he wouldn’t do something like this.

As there is always another side to the coin, some fans seem to be perfectly sold on Reigns’ break.

Considering Roman Reigns won’t perform at the Backlash stage, it seems like a highly anticipated Brock Lesnar vs Cody Rhodes feud will form the main event on May 6th.


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We are yet to see when Reigns will appear again in the squared circle to defend WWE’s most coveted titles.


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Are you disappointed about Roman Reigns’ Backlash status or not? Let us know in the comments.



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