Major Update On Potential Feud Between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan For The Universal Championship

November 26, 2020 6:07 pm

WWE Survivor Series is finally in the books. We’re heading into the end of 2020, getting ready for the next WWE PPV – TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. New feuds will begin, and old ones will culminate at the show.

Speaking of new feuds, the Universal Champion Roman Reigns is sitting at the top of the table without a challenger. He successfully retained his title in a brutal and emotional Hell In A Cell Match last October.

Following up on the victory, he defeated WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in a battle of the best at Survivor Series.

WWE changes Roman Reigns’ next big feud

WWE had earlier planned on a Daniel Bryan-Roman Reigns feud for December’s TLC Pay-Per-View. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is now planning to postpone the match until the 2021 Royal Rumble.

Meltzer did not provide any exact details on why WWE postponed the feud, but we expect to know in the weeks to come.

If we were to take a guess, there could be two reasons – Daniel Bryan takes on Sami Zayn at TLC, gets some steam and probably the Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder.

If not that, WWE wants to save two of their top guys squaring off until Royal Rumble. It also makes sense from a business point of view.

With Jey Uso viciously attacking Bryan after their match four weeks ago, WWE sowed the seeds for Roman Reigns versus Daniel Bryan. Last week, D-Bry returned to the ring and gave Jey Uso a payback.

WWE also teased a Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan feud last week. It would only add to the stakes if Bryan wins the Intercontinental Championship and then challenges for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble. This would elevate and bring credibility back to the Intercontinental Championship if done right.

At this year’s Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan unsuccessfully challenged The Fiend for the WWE Universal Championship in a strap match. Next year, he challenges for the same championship against a dedicated and unstoppable Roman Reigns.

Current plans for the Universal Championship seem good. How WWE kicks off these feuds will definitely be interesting to watch, so stay tuned to Friday Night SmackDown!

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