Mark Callaway Details the Sacrifices Made for His Iconic WWE Character “The Undertaker”

November 21, 2020 8:21 am

As mentioned across various interviews by Mark Callaway and other Superstars, the character of the Undertaker was legendary. However, to make it believable, it needed a lot of work and sacrifice.

The Undertaker is a big, mythical and mysterious character of WWE. Keeping it a mystery and out of the public eye was certainly a difficult job for Callaway.

In an interview with Digital spy, Callaway spoke about becoming a recluse in his personal life. This was one of the biggest sacrifices he had to make.

“It was kind of by choice but I had to become somewhat of a recluse in my personal life. But that wasn’t so bad because you know, early on, I was on the road all the time year round. So I wasn’t really looking to come home and have this big social life anyway.”

Callaway also spoke about how he needed to be careful all the time. He always had to assess where and how he would go without people seeing the real Mark Callaway.

“I would have to assess where I was going to go eat or where I was going to go because I didn’t want people seeing me not being Undertaker. So it was just, my mindset was so engrossed in making sure that character was legitimate and people identified with it in that way, so it was just something that I adapted and made part of my life.”

When Vince McMahon narrated the ‘Undertaker’ character to Mark Callaway, the latter loved it right away.

The Undertaker had his own dark side at the time he heard the character narration

Mark Callaway made a shocking revelation during his interview with Digital Spy. He revealed when the character was narrated, he resonated with it quickly.

Back in the 90s, Vince McMahon called Callaway to Stanford and showed him his vision of the character. Callaway immediately struck a chord with the character as he was going through a dark phase in his life.

“At that time in my life I had a little bit of a dark side on me anyway. So a lot of the stuff really resonated with me and once I started studying like, ‘How am I going to make this my own? How am I going to make this character my own?’ Once I started studying different things they just meshed together and you basically became one entity.”

Survivor Series and the final farewell of The Undertaker streams live this Sunday, November 22, on the WWE Network.

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