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Matt Hardy Reveals His Concerns Over WWE’s Plans for Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy Reveals His Concerns Over WWE’s Plans for Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy

WWE’s twisted storyline revolving around Jeff Hardy is raising concerns amongst the fanbase. One such concern was about Hardy relapsing and being presented as a junkie.

To this, brother Matt Hardy gave a constructive answer showcasing his own concerns on Twitter.

Matt Hardy expresses concerns for brother Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy is doing his own thing, nurturing young talent and extending his brand.

Unfortunately, Jeff Hardy’s ordeals with substance abuse and personal demons are emerging as a weapon against him. As a result, Matt Hardy is significantly concerned about the pressures that persist on his brother.

“I’m very happy with how AEW has let me brand my persona. Allowing me to help younger talent on & off screen, while also respectfully celebrating my legacy & contributions to the industry. I have those same concerns about the unneeded pressure on my brother.”

However, Matt Hardy explains that he knows the incredible talent his brother has. He believes that Jeff Hardy will keep up with the expectations others have from his performance.

Nevertheless, any opinion he has about Jeff Hardy’s current storyline is a personal opinion. There is no right or wrong.

“Make no mistake, from what I’ve seen Jeff do in-ring, he’s looked incredible. As a performer, I praise his recent performances. Ultimately, whatever he does is his decision & his alone. My take on his current story is merely *my opinion*, which doesn’t make it right or wrong.”

The primary reason why Jeff Hardy’s arrest and issues with alcohol and substance-abuse made it to the WWE is so it can be used later in a storyline.

As seen, when Hardy made a comeback, WWE pitted him against Sheamus. The latter did not hold back from using the former’s personal demons against him.

Sheamus continued to refer to Jeff Hardy as a junkie and even pushed him to take a urine test while in the ring.

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