CM Punk Gives Verdict On Controversial Ending To A UFC Title Fight

July 13, 2020 9:25 pm

In a recent post on Twitter, former WWE Superstar CM Punk gave his verdict on the controversial UFC match between Max Holloway and Alexander Volkanovski. 

The highly anticipated match did not disappoint. Alexander Volkanovski wanted to finish off Holloway in this match, after routing him in the first duel.

He expected to use the same leg-kick strategy to take his opponent down.

However, Max Holloway was prepared and took the fight straight to Volkanovski. Gaining the advantage on his opponent, Holloway was able to land some pretty convincing hits. 

Volkanovski pulled it together and began coming at his opponent the same old way, succeeding in bringing the match on level terms.

The 10 rounds were very exhilarating and both fighters struggled for control. Holloway may have started the offense, but Volkanovski scored some late takedowns to convince judges. 

Neither of the two fighters got the decisive edge over the other

Both fighters attempted to finish the other opponent decisively in the last crucial round but failed to do so.

The match went to split decision and two judges scored a 48-47 in favor of Volkanovski while the third judge scored 48-47 in favor of Holloway.

This stands testament to just how close this matchup was. According to UFC’s stats, Volkanovski landed 139 strikes compared to Holloways’ 111 and concerted 3 out of 9 takedown attempts.

The better performance of Volkanovski in the later stages may have confined the judges. However, the decision was not taken as a pinch of salt. 

CM Punk has no hesitation in picking the winner

Many fans and fighters are having a wide discussion over the decision. CM Punk as usual is among them.

In his post on Twitter, CM Punk states that according to him, Holloway won the fight.

If you visit the post on Twitter, you will be greeted by a heated comments section.

Volkanovski claims that he respects the fight and how close it was and is ready for more title contenders. Max Holloway did give him a run for his money.

But, for now, Volkanovski can hold on to his Featherweight title safely.

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