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Hulk Hogan Trends During MLB Game for a Hilarious Reason

Published 04/16/2022, 10:00 AM EDT

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Not everyone gets to enjoy an MLB game wearing their favorite team’s jersey in the stadium! WWE legend Hulk Hogan made his presence at American Family Field Stadium, Wisconsin. This stadium is the home ground of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Today, Hulk Hogan attended the Milwaukee Brewers versus St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. However, the Hulk Hogan spotted on camera differed from The Hulkster we know.


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When Miles Mikolas, aka Lizard King of St. Louis Cardinals, was throwing a pitch to Dustin Hunter Renfroe of Milwaukee Brewers, a man disguised as Hulk Hogan was seen on camera. This was a rare and comical vision for both baseball and wrestling fans.

Who was dressed as Hulk Hogan during the MLB game?

The former professional baseball first baseman Mark David McGwire costumed himself as Hulk Hogan when his former team was playing against Milwaukee Brewers. Mark McGwire, aka Big Mac, dressed in Hulk Hogan’s classic wrestling attire. Big Mac enjoyed the game wearing The Hulkster’s red and yellow wrestling costume.

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan wore a red and yellow Hulkamania wrestling gear during his wrestling days. The Hulkster had long hair when he geared himself with a red bandana band on his head. The Hulkster had ‘HULKAMANIA’ written in huge, bold yellow font on this bandana.


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So, the baseball legend Mark McGwire paid his respect to Hulk Hogan when he dressed up as The Hulkster. However, Big Mac looked hilarious in Hogan’s costume.

Not only did McGwire wear The Hulkster’s costume, but he detailed an overall look of Hogan. For example, The Hulkster’s costume that Big Mac wore had ripped muscles, as Hogan had inside the squared circle. McGwire also threw a sunglass to notch things up in The Hulkster’s costume.

Big Mac paid tribute to The Hulkster as his team took home the victory!

When we look at Mark McGwire in Hulk Hogan’s costume, he also has a WWE United States Championship title around his waist. However, The Hulkster never battled for the secondary tier WWE title as he has been a six-time World Champion.


The former first baseman has had a stretched career in the Major League Baseball (MLB). Big Mac is one of the most prolific home-run hitters in baseball history. In addition, McGwire has played for Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals, winning one World Series Championship for each team.


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First, in 1989, Big Mac won the World Series Championship as a baseball player, and then in 2011 as a coach with St. Louis Cardinals. Former coach of the St. Louis Cardinals, McGwire, attended the American Family Field Stadium to support his team.


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McGwire’s team had the last laugh on Milwaukee Brewers, as the final cumulative score of the game was 10-1 for the Cardinals. The MLB legend Mark McGwire paid his honor to the WWE legend Hulk Hogan in style, and his team took home the victory.

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