Is Dwayne Johnson's influence in WWE becoming too overpowering for the sport's own good?

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has not appeared in front of the WWE Universe since WrestleMania 40 went down. But his antics during the Mania build-up have been enough to make him the centerpiece of the wrestling discussions to date. While the Great One might lace up his boots to return to the boiling Bloodline storyline, presumably teaming up against his cousin, Roman Reigns, he has been dubbed a liar by the fans for dropping empty teases of the Reigns vs The Rock match right after his return.

The heat started brewing after the Brahma Bull made a huge confession in the newly released WWE documentary. Explaining the reason for the quite unexpected boos, the Busted Open Radio lead-host Dave LaGreca exhibited clarity.

Reality behind the fans roasting The Rock following his major claim: Exposed


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Cody Rhodes had been relentless in his pursuit of getting his hands on the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt of Roman Reigns for the last two years. Despite being toppled at his first attempt, the American Nightmare had done everything right to attain another shot. While he was almost on the cusp of finishing his story, The Rock took a rowdy entry into the storyline and the main event plan for Mania 40 almost went for a toss. Even though ultimately Rhodes got his spot back thanks to a massive We Want Cody movement, that was not the only reason that the original plan was nixed.

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It’s rather because The Rock didn’t want it to be as he claimed in the latest WrestleMania XL: Behind the Curtain documentary. While it didn’t sit well with a majority of fans who deemed it as a breach of trust, LaGreca blamed The Rock’s horrible way of presenting the information.

 ”I watched the first half and I never watched the second half. I was so nauseated… Is the way he explained it and the way he talked about it. The way he talked about the match, he even says it. ‘Oh, the fans were hyped that we’re getting Rock and Roman. Oh, that’s the biggest match. That’s what the world wants to see.’ But there was a segment of fans that wanted to see Cody finish the story… right now, let’s satisfy that segment of fans..” he noted.

However, moving ahead, let’s quickly scoop out the return timeline of the Final Boss once again.

When will The Rock return? Exploring a feasible timeline


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Fans desperately hope to see The Rock back in his boots before SummerSlam 2024 or at least around Survivor Series( November 2024). But is there a chance for the 52-year-old’s return by then? The answer looks negative. Currently, Dwayne Johnson is busy filming for The Smashing Machine. The shooting schedule for the Benny Safdie-sports drama apparently wraps up in August 2024, which essentially wipes out the Rock’s return theory at The Biggest Party of The Summer. The WWE PLE is scheduled for August 3, 2024. Also, to have a match in the PLE, The Rock must return at least a month for a proper build.

To focus on the next stop, Survivor Series, the Hollywood A-lister will take on the role of ‘Maui’ in Moana’s live-action adaptation as he announced on his social media handle recently. The production for the live adaptation will get going in 2024. So, ideally, he will be free from his Holywood schedule sometime around November 2024. Chances of him cropping up on November’s PLE appear slim but not impossible.

Moreover, the American Nightmare recently revealed that their anticipated singles match will stretch up to the next year. Considering all these points, a 2024 return seems to be a far-fetched idea for the WWE veteran.


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What’s your take on the real reason behind Dwayne Johnson’s getting heat from fans after exposing the real truth of his nixed match with Roman Reigns? Let us know in the comments.