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5 Things That Could Happen Next After Jimmy Uso Attacked His Tribal Chief Roman Reigns at Night of Champions

Published 05/27/2023, 5:22 PM EDT

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Night of Champions has finally ended in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and produced several stunning matches. However, the event came to a close as Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa lost their match after a shocking turn of events.

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As the match neared its conclusion, The Usos would interfere and cause a distraction, only to accidentally super kick Solo Sikoa down. Soon after, Roman Reigns would confront the twins, and berate them with insults. However, Jimmy Uso had enough of it and delivered a hard-hitting superkick to Roman Reigns.


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This turn of events could potentially lead to several directions for Roman Reigns, The Usos, and Solo Sikoa. Here are five things could happen next after Jimmy Uso turned on his Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Jimmy Uso vs Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WWE Money in the Bank 2023

The entire bloodline story began with Jey Uso versus Roman Reigns at Clash of the Champions in 2020. It laid down the groundwork for this family battle, and slowly its cracks are showing up. After being controlled for nearly 3 years, Jimmy Uso has finally snapped and broken free of the shackles.

Jimmy Uso might be next in line for a title shot against Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank in London after his brother Jey Uso failed to win the title three years ago.


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Jimmy Uso vs Solo Sikoa

Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso finally broke out of their shackles after they accidentally kicked their younger brother Solo Sikoa down. After this Jimmy Uso attacked Roman Reigns after hearing constant insults from The Tribal Chief.

Solo Sikoa could now step and defend Reigns by going against his elder brother Jimmy Uso in what could turn out to be an emotional battle with real-life storytelling and action.

Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa vs Jimmy and Jey Uso

After being a part of The Bloodline for a long time, The Usos may have finally broken away from the group after Jimmy Uso’s actions at Night of Champions.

After the beatdown on Reigns, Sami Zayn would pin Sikoa to retain their tag titles. But now, Reigns and Sikoa might finally move their eyesight from Zayn and Sikoa, and fix The Usos as their next target. The four stars might finally collide in tag-team action at Money in the Bank 2023 in the O2 Arena in London.

The Usos join hands with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to take down Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa

Although unlikely to join another faction anytime soon, Jimmy and Jey Uso, The Usos could possibly join hands with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. This new faction could possibly take down The Bloodline and end its reign of terror.

Although Reigns has been a champion for 1000 days, a major reason for it has been The Bloodline. However, with it now being in shambles, Reigns title-reign might also be near the finish line,

Jey Uso betrays Jimmy Uso to remain in the good books of Roman Reigns


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The most outrageous outcome, but anything is possible in WWE. The story may lead to Jey Uso to betray his brother Jimmy Uso to stay with The Bloodline. It would provide the fans with a David Fincher-esqe type twist and keep them entertained for a few more months.

It is now to be seen what happens next, as Jimmy Uso is finally set on his own path of redemption after enduring abuse from The Tribal Chief for a long time.


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