The MITB PPV at the O2 Arena in London was filled with many power packed surprises that got the fans roaring! Starting with ‘The Judgement Days’ Damian Priest winning the men’s ladder match to the return of ‘The Scottish Warrior’ Drew Mcintyre. And to top it off, John Cena came out of nowhere and acknowledged the UK fans that “You are the show!”.

But that one moment the whole arena was eagerly waiting for was the clash between The Usos and The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa aka The Bloodline Civil War. And just prior to the match, The Wise Man Paul Heyman gave a teary-eyed warning to the fans.

The Wise Man rejects an Emmy bid and demands admiration for his Tribal Chief


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Moments before the crucial match, Paul Heyman went in to discuss strategy for the match with his Tribal Chief. But when he got out of the room, Heyman was clearly burdened with emotion.

He described what Reigns said inside while holding back his tears, “The beating that Roman Reigns is gonna put on the Usos is gonna violate the code of sports entertainment, Kayla. This ain’t gonna be PG. This is not gonna be fun to watch. I’m sorry you’re gonna have to witness this.” But after watching this emotional rendition which Heyman has only given for the second time in his 37 year career, fans wanted him to get an Emmy.

But The Wise Man politely rejected the offer and instead demanded his Tribal Chief be given “multiple awards”. He replied to that tweet saying, “No thank you sir. Although I do indeed appreciate your compliment ….Give me an Emmy for the lifetime of revolutionary (indeed, evolutionary) television programming I’ve participated in. And give multiple awards to my Tribal Chief @WWERomanReigns!”.

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Fans expected Reigns to lay carnage in the ring but it turned out to be the opposite.

Roman Reigns got pinned for the first time in 1293 days by Jey Uso


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The last time The Tribal Chief was pinned was 3 and a half years ago at TLC 2019 by Baron Corbin. But post that loss, Reigns has been the most formidable force in the WWE. He held onto the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship for more than 1000 days.

No mortal stood a chance against juggernaut Reigns when he was inside the ring. That was until last night when Jey Uso broke that dominant streak by pinning The Head Of The Table. Multiple superkicks and a frog splash by Jey was what it took to end Reigns’ streak of 1293 days.


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The Usos just like the fans who erupted with chaos couldn’t believe the miracle their eyes had witnessed. Paul Heyman was left dumbstruck seeing his Tribal Chief dismantled in the center of the ring. Reigns sat on the side of the ring seemingly infuriated with this unthinkable defeat at the hands of his cousins. Fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for The Bloodline after this humiliating defeat. What do you guys think will be The Tribal Chief’s response on SmackDown this friday?