“Not Showing Your Face…”: Fans Turn On Dwayne Johnson for Attending Grammys 2023 Amid ‘Family Trouble’

Published 02/06/2023, 12:00 PM EST

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is facing a lot of family trouble for the past few days. From real family to family by word, it’s not going easy for the former wrestler. Recently, ‘The Rock’ found himself in the middle of an emotional situation when his mother was caught in a car accident. Luckily, everything was in place and she was safe thanks to the heroic efforts of the LAPD and the LAFD. Fans also wished the best for ‘The Great One’s mother. Another family trouble that ‘The Rock’ has been facing is with his cousin-by-word, Roman Reigns. Fans have been wanting ‘The Tribal Chief’ to fight against ‘The Great One’. In fact, the match was even in place, set up by WWE.


“Sending Prayers”: Fans Console a Troubled Dwayne Johnson After His Mother’s Horrifying Late Night Accident

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However, due to Dwayne Johnson’s tight, ever-changing, and busy schedule, he turned down the match. The fight prepped was going to take place in WrestleMania 39 in April 2023. As soon as the cancellation came from ‘The Rock’s end, fans did not go easy on him. Apparently, the Hollywood star was present at The Grammy’s, and this schedule of him was caught by WWE fans across the internet. The consequence was not good at all.


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‘The Rock’ should have kept this a secret

It seems like no fan is appreciating the way that ‘The Great One’ just decided to skip his WrestleMania match in advance while he is roaming around at a music award ceremony. The Hollywood singer Adele has publicly talked about ‘The Rock’ and has mentioned how she would cry if she ever met him. Her dream came true at the latest Grammy’s while ‘The Rock’ received endless backlash from fans.


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The Rock is doing everything besides wrestling,” a fan commented while referencing the canceled future WrestleMania match.

While Johnson is still recovering from almost losing his mother, a user started judging him for his appearance at the Grammy’s: “man’s family is in shambles and he’s doing side missions at the Grammy’s.

People are already calling him out for not showing up to fight Roman Reigns: “This is the reason you are not showing your face in the squared circle avoiding your little big cousin?

Bro dipped on his cousin to go rizz up Adele,” commented a fan while throwing shade at the Hollywood celebrity for having a life.

Some fans are in the highest degree of sarcasm, as they call out ‘The Rock’ by saying, “The Rock finally got to meet Adele.”

This man’s family is being torn apart, and he’s at the mf Grammy’s,” more judgment for the wrestling celebrity.


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Rock doing side quests,” wrote an upset wrestling fan.

Will fans ever get to see ‘The Rock’ fighting ‘The Tribal Chief’?

Very few fans actually know that the two talented heavyweight wrestlers are actually related. The relationship is not just bound to the two, but is a familial one. Both of their grandfathers were close friends and ‘blood brothers’. This resulted in both the wrestlers being called ‘cousins’. Even though this does not typically fit the storyline that the fans would want, the relationship cannot be ignored.


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This was the reason that the fans wanted the two to fight it out and see who the top beast is. However, due to technical reasons, ‘The Rock’ canceled the upcoming wrestling match, leaving fans wanting. Even though the WrestleMania match planned will not take place in 2023, fans can always look forward to the upcoming year.



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