Should John Cena have the final say in his retirement, or is WWE right to decide?

With a last match at WrestleMania 41, John Cena will conclude his career as a professional wrestler in April 2025. He has announced that he will not be continuing in the business and will have a final run. However, did the greatest of all time make that decision on his own? There may have been an explanation for this. Cena acknowledged that this was not his decision when he was asked a similar question at the Money in the Bank conference.

The 47-year-old claimed that it was always exciting for him to wrestle more and more and that even though he knows he can’t do much, he still wants to do it infinitely. Cena revealed that he was the one who approached WWE about a run at the Royal Rumble 2025 and WWE asked that if he wanted to make this his last run. Perhaps the WWE thinks now is the right time to do it because some major things are conceivable.


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Cena claimed that WWE told him that the business is currently at unprecedented heights and that the promotion is gaining a lot of reach. The Stamford-based promotion is currently running several major storylines with the quality of storytelling and the twists that ensue gaining considerable praise from the WWE Universe. With so many fans already invested in the current product, WWE believes that this is the ideal time for John Cena to retire from the ring, as he deserves this much attention.

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John Cena stated, “I think the answer is… its not up to me. Again I approached the WWE with this idea and they kind of initiated the talks that this could be a great span of time if we are ever gonna do it and gosh it’s no thanks to me that the business is at incredible heights and popularity and awareness and there are some really big things going on”


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The Hollywood star even portrayed himself differently as we venture into the third innings of his WWE career.

John Cena wore a unique T-shirt during his retirement announcement

Everyone was ecstatic when Cena returned to the Money in the Ban Premium Live Event. However, what followed was a scene that made virtually everyone extremely emotional. During the announcement of his retirement, John Cena wore a red T-shirt, which he highlighted while addressing the question above.


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Cena added that the T-shirt concept came up in the conversation as he was discussing the plan with WWE and that the corporation told him that the time had come. This motivated them to make the gear he was wearing today, and while the fans adore it, the fact that they won’t be able to see Cena as frequently as before hurts a lot. Although everyone knew this was going to happen, it appears that no one was prepared at the time. It will be fascinating to watch how WWE will send off the WWE legend, as well as who his final opponent is.

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