WrestleMania XL will go down in history as the biggest Mania the WWE has ever produced. Representing 40 years of Mania was no easy feat, and the matches on the card only highlighted the event’s significance. The WWE Universal Champion for 1300+ days, Roman Reigns lost his title to Cody Rhodes in the main event of Night #2. Emotions poured out vigorously and celebrations ran rampant. However, unlike Rhodes, Reigns didn’t have the same experience backstage.

The WWE Universal champion revealed that The Head of the Table didn’t appear backstage after the end of their match.

Cody Rhodes explains how Roman Reigns did not grace backstage festivities after their match


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Cody Rhodes recently appeared on the Sports Illustrated podcast with Jimmy Traina. He had much to talk about coming off of WrestleMania XL and ushering in a new era into the WWE. One question posed was the backstage experience after he won the title. While the former AEW star explained that it was great for him to meet everyone backstage, he mentioned that there was one face he did not see. This would be the man he just beat, Roman Reigns. According to Rhodes, ” He was nowhere to be found in Gorilla when I got back.”

He continued, “He knew that his run had been generational, that he had changed the industry, which very few people can say they changed the industry.” Despite their heated rivalry since last year’s Mania, Rhodes spoke kindly about the Tribal Chief. It was discovered during their feud that Reigns was still undergoing cancer treatment, which came as a shock to many fans. After his match, Reigns has taken some time off to recover.


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Reports suggest that he will be back ahead of SummerSlam in August this year. He might have a score to settle with the new champion once he makes his storied return. Nevertheless, this snub inspires the burning question of what exactly transpired backstage after the curtains came down on WrestleMania.

What happened after Reigns vs Rhodes at Mania XL?

After Mania ended, a ton of backstage videos were released online. Some were from WWE officials, while others were from fans in attendance. Among the videos, the most watched was that of The Tribal Chief and the emotions he experienced after losing the match. The American Nightmare celebrated in the ring with the likes of Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H, etc. While Reigns hugged Paul Heyman on the entrance stage after realizing the weight of the events that just transpired


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Backstage, he met his family and daughter. Hugging them, he left the arena. Rhodes was referring to this when he said he did not see Reigns backstage. The Bloodline leader did not feel the need to hang around after his match ended, and the former AEW star believes he did enough for the title to deserve a break. What do you think of Cody Rhodes’ revelations? Let us know in the comments section below.

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