Adam Cole Issues a Challenge to Pat McAfee on WWE NXT

Published 08/13/2020, 12:21 AM EDT

On this week’s episode of NXT, it was time for Adam Cole to address the brutal attack from Pat McAfee last week. The Undisputed Era decided that they couldn’t wait for their turn.


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As a result, they took out Drake Maverick and Killian Dain in the middle of a match, before claiming the ring. Adam Cole was incensed about the events of last week and decided to send a warning to the former NFL punter.

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“Pat, I know for a fact that you’re watching, so do me a favor and shut your stupid mouth and listen to me! You wanna come to my world and play wrestler, right? You wanna run your mouth on Twitter, on ESPN, that’s fine Pat. But don’t forget, you kicked me with my arms behind my back! You’re not special. What is special is that I’m the longest reigning NXT Champion of all times. And at Takeover XXX, you’re stepping into the ring with that guy.

“So Pat, I want you to do me a favor okay? I dare you to show up next week. And if you do, if you’ve got the guts, I want you to walk down this ramp, step through these ropes and I want you to get into the ring, so I can look you face to face, man to man, and let you know that I’m going to whoop that a** at Takeover XXX. And then when you finally realize that you’re way over your head, it is gonna suck for you to know that there’s absolutely nothing that you can do about it. And that is Undisputed!”

A 𝙁𝙐𝙈𝙄𝙉𝙂 @AdamColePro sent a 🔥🔥🔥 message to @PatMcAfeeShow!

The LONGEST-REIGNING #NXTChampion of all time is ready for #NXTTakeOver: XXX.#WWENXT

— WWE (@WWE) August 13, 2020

Adam Cole meets Pat McAfee at NXT Takeover: XXX

WWE have also announced that Pat McAfee will be on NXT next week! The two competitors will come face to face before their huge encounter on SummerSlam weekend.

McAfee responded to Cole on Twitter as soon as Cole sent the warning. He didn’t seem scared at all as he vowed to knock Cole out again next week.

You want me back in that #WWENXT arena next Wednesday @AdamColePro?

I’d love to.. The last time I was there, you ended up lifeless on the ground w/ @ShawnMichaels worried about your soulless, dumb, stupid body.

Can’t wait to dominate you and the whole wrestling community..AGAIN

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) August 13, 2020


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It’s clear that both competitors are taking this match very seriously. Cole knows that he has the greater responsibility as the established Superstar to make the match a success.

On the other hand, Pat McAfee will only get one shot to make that first impression good. He knows that any chances of an extended WWE career depend on this match.

Till now, he’s done a tremendous job at the out of ring work by delivering some good promos. However, the biggest test will be of his in-ring skills. He’ll play tango with one of the greatest wrestling talents of our times.


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McAfee will give his best to prove to the world that Triple H didn’t make a mistake by giving him such a big platform.


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