WWE NXT superstar Jordan Devlin Breaks Silence Following Sexual Abuse Allegations

Published 06/20/2020, 4:38 AM EDT

Former Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin has come out on social media. The WWE NXT UK Superstar has put his case forward in the allegations that were made by Hannah Francesca. Francesca courageously told the world about the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of Devlin.


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Hannah Francesca reveals the incident

Francesca recently took to Twitter to disclose the incident. She shared pictures of the incident, revealing the bruises she suffered.


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As she spoke about her experiences, she urged women to speak out against the abuses that they suffer. This gave rise to the ‘#Speakout’ movement.

Francesca could not share all the pictures of the bruises. She was reluctant to display pictures of bruises on certain parts of her body, and rightly so.

Francesca on Twitter said.

“This is scary. I’m really scared. Jordan Devlin did this to me. And this is just the physical damage. Not including my arse and back bruises…because I don’t fancy posting that online [woman shrugging emoji].”

Francesca also added a caption to her picture saying the following.

“To the promotions, wrestlers and fans staying silent. I hear you. To the abusers tweeting their support. I see you.”

“I was also told to reach out to my abuser as the whole thing might just be a ‘misunderstanding’ ??????? Promoters…..educate yourself. Don’t gaslight your fans or talent.”

WWE superstar Jordan Devlin explains his side of the story

Devlin speaks about how he didn’t want it to give the accusations any weightage due to it being false in nature. He did speak about them only for his followers and his fans.

Former Cruiserweight champion says this is a personal agenda against him and will now consult his legal team.

WWE’s plate is currently full with different kinds of problems. The growing COVID-19 pandemic situation, shortage of superstars due to health concerns, business problems due to the pandemic.


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The two abuse cases of Francesca, Devlin, and now Matt Riddle and Candy Cartwright.

Extra fuel is not added to the uncontrollable fire WWE has to face. Devlin and Riddle are superstars for the future. Such allegations could hamper their reputation among fans.

WWE follows strict policies and the perpetrator is punished if proven guilty.


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WWE Issues A Statement Following NXT Superstar Jordan Devlin’s Abuse Allegations

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