“Oh C**p Man So I Trained” – The Undertaker Reveals How the Legacy of John Cena Made Him Reconsider His Retirement

Published 03/18/2023, 1:00 PM EDT

The Undertaker called it quits on an illustrious wrestling career in 2020. The cinematic Boneyard Match against AJ Styles proved to be his last outing as a competitor in the WWE, thus drawing curtains over three decades of dominance in the squared circle. However, The Phenom planned to retire from the promotion earlier until John Cena‘s challenge proved too much to resist.

Two of the biggest names in WWE finally met at WrestleMania 34. But their paths might never have crossed in that fashion if ‘Taker stuck to his original retirement plan.

The Undertaker reveals his original retirement plans


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The 4-time WWE champion recently chatted with Chris Van Vliet. He delved into great details during the conversation. The Hall of Famer discussed how he had all but retired from wrestling until a phone call delayed his plans.

He said, “I mean all that hat, the hat and the coat all that being placed in the ring was 100 percent legitimate. At the end of it, I was done and that was my way of saying goodbye. And yeah, it wasn’t a plan or staged thing. And then I get my hip fixed, I get a call and they want me to work with Cena. Like oh, c**p man so I trained.”

Taker was initially mentioning the WrestleMania 33 event. He was handed only his second loss at ‘The Showcase of Immortals’ by Roman Reigns. This was met with a huge backlash from many quarters and ‘The Tribal Chief’ later opened up on his win.


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The two competed in the main event in a ‘No Holds Barred’ match. In the aftermath of the encounter, Taker’s ring gear including his hat and coat appeared at the center of the ring. Almost certainly signifying an end to The Deadman’s career leaving the spectators guessing about his future in the WWE.

The Undertaker returned at WrestleMania 34 to square off against John Cena

And now we know that ‘Taker initially planned to bring a full stop to his career back then only. Fans were relieved when after weeks of summoning by Cena, he finally appeared at WrestleMania 34. Not only that, but The Phenom completely destroyed The Franchise Player in the match and lived to fight another day.


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The short match might not be remembered for its quality but it was the moment that stood out. His fans around the globe were elated to see their favorite wrestler continue his wrestling career.

The Undertaker is a generational performer, the likes of which grace us with their presence very rarely. Those who have followed his career would have undoubtedly felt the pain of his departure from the WWE. But they can take solace in the fact that they got to see more of The Deadman in action. As admittedly, the plans were for him to retire much before it actually happened.


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Do you think The Undertaker should have retired in WrestleMania 33 only? Let us know in the comments.

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