One of the Best Sells in WWE! Ricochet Shows Off Incredible Athleticism

September 15, 2020 8:34 pm

The world of wrestling is moving swiftly towards sports entertainment today. As a part of the entertainment, it is pivotal for the wrestlers to “sell” a move. Due to the “sell”, the wrestler looks dominant besides the move looking great on television.

Moves like the Five Knuckle Shuffle, People’s Elbow, and the Stunner depend on the selling of the opponent. This Monday night on Raw, the fans saw one of the best sells in awhile. The move came in the match between Cedric Alexander and Ricochet.

Ricochet shows great athleticism on Raw

The former tag-team partners faced off against each other on Raw. Last week, Alexander betrayed Ricochet to join the Hurt Business. Throughout the match, Ricochet showed great fits of athleticism with his agility.

However, the best sell came right at the end. Alexander hit his long-time partner with his finishing move, Lumbar Check. Ricochet took the hit so well that he did a full backflip mid-air and landed on his back. See the video below,

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The match ended with Alexander picking up the victory. However, Ricochet was immensely praised for the sell.

Ricochet has been around the wrestling scene for a while. He has wrestled in Lucha Underground as well as New Japan Pro Wrestling before signing up with WWE in 2018.

He won the NXT North American Championship among other accolades in NXT before being drafted to the main roster. Ricochet won the United States Championship last year. At WWE’s Super Showdown, he faced Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title but was unsuccessful.

Since then, Ricochet paired up with Alexander and Apollo Crews. However, Alexander betrayed both him and Crews on last week’s Raw.

Ricochet has the potential to be WWE’s next big star. We hope WWE won’t add him to the list of NXT burn-outs and would give him better storylines in the future.

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