“One of the Most Physically Dominating Superstars” – Triple H Compares NXT Superstar to Brock Lesnar

January 7, 2021 6:10 pm

WALTER is one of professional wrestling’s most dominant and ruthless big men of all time. The ‘Ring General’ is a beast inside the ring, and anyone who steps up to him doesn’t leave the same way they came in. Interestingly, NXT’s head honcho, Triple H, thinks that WALTER’s dominance is eerily similar to another resident monster of the WWE.

Triple H has high praise for WALTER

WWE EVP of Talent Relations, Triple H, was on the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump where he talked about NXT New Year’s Evil, the Royal Rumble and a lot more.

Evan T. Mack asked Triple H his thoughts on the upcoming NXT UK Championship match this Thursday between WALTER and A-Kid. ‘The Game’ had some high praise for WALTER as he hailed his physique and wrestling ability, even comparing him to Brock Lesnar.

“One of the most physically imposing, one of the most physically dominating performers out there. There is no wasted movement, he is not flashy. He doesn’t care about how it looks, he’s just effective.” He continued, “That said, you’ve seen it in the past with talent like Brock Lesnar.”

Can WALTER use a page from Lesnar’s playbook?

The Game‘ highlighted how working with smaller guys was a tough job for Lesnar as he would have to sustain the pace and agility. Hunter gave the example of Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar’s match to make his point easy to understand.

He said, “Brock struggled a lot of times more with small guys. Speed kills! You would watch Brock Lesnar sometimes step in the ring with Daniel Bryan and have a much more difficult time.”

“Daniel Bryan would get much more in because Brock couldn’t strike as hard and as fast. He had to catch him first, and he had to find his way. In that process, he ate a lot of shots to get one in,” continued ‘The Game.’

However, Triple H said if WALTER can manage the speed and agility of A-Kid, the battle will be very tough for the challenger.

“WALTER just has to sustain that. If he can walk through the speed of A-Kid, if he can walk through that fast, repetitive onslaught then it’ll be tough and a long night for A-Kid.” Triple H concluded with, “I will bank on WALTER, but A-Kid has got a good shot at it.”

WALTER has been NXT UK Champion for 643 days and counting. He has successfully defended his title against the likes of Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, Zack Gibson, Joe Coffey, etc in excellent matches. In fact, his title defense against Ilja Dragunov back in October was such a great and hard-hitting match that even Dave Meltzer rated it 5 stars!

WALTER isn’t an easy challenge for A-Kid, but he’ll surely give the big man some tough time. What are your thoughts on WALTER? Is he the ‘Next Big Thing’ WWE desperately needs?

Ishan Chavan

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