The new Bloodline, led by Solo Sikoa, closed out the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown with a bang. Solo Sikoa awaited his official anointing as the Tribal Chief at a recognition ceremony. And all it needed was for Sikoa to accept the ceremonial Ula Fala. But the Madison Square Garden crowd didn’t expect a betrayal by a member of the Bloodline—one that spoiled the ceremony for Solo Sikoa.

And it wasn’t Jacob Fatu or one of the Tonga brothers who betrayed the enforcer. Instead, it was Paul Heyman who resisted, and as a result, “The Wiseman” took the beating of his life. Tonga, Loa, and Fatu acknowledged Sikoa as their new Tribal Chief. But when it was Heyman’s turn, he hesitated, buried his head, and told Sikoa that he loved him. But he later admitted that he did not recognize him upon assuming Reigns’ previous position. At the time, things only got worse for Heyman. With Sikoa hitting his former “Wiseman” with the Samoan Spike. And then ordering Fatu to hit him with a diving headbutt.

As the crowd shouted, “We want Roman!” Fatu then led the way with a triple power bomb through the announcers’ table, with the help of Tonga and Loa. Heymans was then stretchered out as the show went off the air. But now, what’s next for the group and Heyman? Will Roman Reigns return to take revenge? Well, the guys at Busted Open Podcast did reveal the fitting scenario for the Paul Heyman revenge tour. In one of the latest editions of the Busted Open Podcast, hosts Jonathan Hood and Justin LaBar talked about the latest edition of the Blue Brand and the exit of Paul Heyman. With the Wiseman taken out, they wondered what was next for the Bloodline and the manager. And it was during this conversation that they speculated on the return scenario for the original Tribal Chief.


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Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman’s comeback pinpointed

Roman Reigns is expected to return at SummerSlam to take on the newer version of the faction he made. And in the process, take revenge for the assault on Paul Heyman and Jimmy Uso. So according to the podcasters, it would be Heyman’s return that would set the scene for the return of the Tribal Chief. As he will announce him to the crowd in attendance. Rather than it being a typical random return with music hitting out of nowhere.

They said. “And then you don’t even need, ladies and gentlemen, you don’t even need anything of that. Whether Roman’s music hits or not. You have Paul Heyman just walk out first for the first time in however many weeks at this point it is. And Paul Heyman just looking disgusted. Looking at the Bloodline and then a devilish smile starts to come across his face, and then boom, then hit the music, then hit that Roman music because the wise man has found his Tribal Chief.”

This surely looks like an exciting scenario that the WWE creatives should pay attention to. And the fact that Jimmy Uso too might re-join the faction to help his brother reclaim the throne he lost seems like a perfect scenario for a Bloodline Civil War. And maybe even Zilla Fatu will become a member of the group to even things out against the lineup of Solo Sikoa, Jacob Fatu, Tama Tonga, and Tonga Loa. What do you think? Will Heyman announce the much-awaited return? Let us know in the comments.