Domination is written all over Gunther’s face! Even though there are several on the list, Gunther is one of the very few WWE Intercontinental champions in history to have demonstrated their authority since the title’s inception. Well, his ongoing record-breaking reign as an Intercontinental champion is clear evidence of his in-ring grandeur. Now he will yet again go all out against his next adversary, The Miz, at the Survivor Series this Saturday. However, it seems that WWE could plan to draw the curtain and end his title reign. But there could be huge intentions behind that.

The plan could be visible this Saturday inside the Allstate Arena, and, of course, there could be many possible reasons for taking such a huge step. But how can The Miz end the tremendous reign of ‘The Ring General’? How could the Stamford-based promotion hand over such a monumental win to The Miz? Let’s find out.

Gunther could face a defeat for a bigger plan


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The next big step in Gunther’s WWE career might come soon. Indeed, the 36-year-old has proven himself to be one of the most credible heels on the WWE roster. Especially his title defense at WrestleMania 39, which was against two of the most formidable heavyweights in the form of Drew McIntyre and Sheamus, proved why Gunther was setting the bar high. On top of that, the likes of Kevin Owens, Bronson Reed, Chad Gable, and even Tommaso Ciampa were some of the top names who fell prey to the ferocity of the Vienna native.

His character development has elevated him to the top of any roster as an antagonist, and his battles have been spectacular. Thus, a section of viewers is now convinced that ‘The Ring General’ could possibly win the Royal Rumble in 2023. Interestingly, the same guy was the runner-up this year. But now he could be groomed as the next big guy and could potentially chase Seth Rollins’ world heavyweight title. Thus, winning the Rumble is ideal for Gunther to move up the WWE ladder.

So it is possible that WWE books The Miz as the winner and could plan greater prospects for the Austrian heavyweight further.

Internal strife between Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser could be another reason

It is true that Gunther’s dominance became more evident as the leader of Imperium. However, there could be a chance that the group split at Survivor Series. How? Well, an integral part of the group could forsake his leader and possibly help The Miz win the Intercontinental title yet again. Yes, that guy could be Ludwig Kaiser.

It has been apparent since the inception of Imperium that Gunther has displayed himself as a rogue operator. Moreover, in the storyline, Gunther is known to mistreat his teammates, and Kaiser has also eyeballed it. One of the major examples of this can be taken from an episode of SmackDown when Ludwig Kaiser won a match against Shinsuke Nakamura due to a cheap shot from Gunther while the referee didn’t see it. The 32-year-old seemed excited but received a curveball from the leader as Gunther chopped him near the entrance ramp and made him realize that he didn’t earn it on his own.

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Well, this was just an example of a plethora of mistreatments witnessed by Kaiser. Moreover, the company could even initiate a singles career for Kaiser due to which he could turn on Gunther to help The Miz eventually.

The Miz could make history after winning at Survivor Series


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Throughout his career in the Stamford-based promotion, The Miz has been an upper mid-carder. It implies that he has been viewed as a wrestler with a high degree of notoriety and visibility, even though he hasn’t always been in the main event matches. From headlining WrestleMania to winning the WWE Championship twice, it proves that The A-Lister has been a true entertainer for the fans. Given his history as a top star, the company could plan yet another title reign for the 43-year-old at Survivor Series.

To further highlight his consistency and capacity to improve the mid-card scenario, The Miz has frequently won the Intercontinental Championship. However, his runs as champion were evidently short. Hence, WWE could even plan a longer title reign for him after the PLE. Significantly, if he triumphs in the forthcoming bout at Survivor Series, he could win the strap for the ninth time in his career. This means he will tie Chris Jericho’s record for most Intercontinental championship victories.


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Now that Chris Jericho is in AEW, the Stamford-based promotion would want their current superstar to hold that record. Thus, The Miz might witness a triumph considering WWE’s rivalry with Tony Khan’s promotion. So now we have the reasons why The Miz could win against Gunther at Survivor Series. Do you think it is possible? Let us know in the comments.

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