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Pro wrestling fans have certain benchmarks where they measure the greatness of a star. Certain stars also take pride in their achievements in the squared circle to lay a claim to greatness. While some rely on their antics, others tend to master their speechcraft to present the greatness hidden inside. Guys like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and  ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin are perfect examples of that. However, one obvious benchmark is also the number of title reigns a wrestler has witnessed over the years, and the name John Cena stands at the top of that list.

Standing parallel to Ric Flair, Cena has a record 16 world title reigns in the WWE. The Leader of Cenation, who is widely known by his motto to never give up, has not left a doubt behind his in-ring prowess. Currently being a hot topic for his recent run with the company, Cena’s prospective plans have also become a matter of discussion. Whether he will sign a new contract with the WWE or whether there are chances for his 17th world title in the near future is what has made the whole WWE universe excited.

Shedding light on the possibility of the same, let’s dive deep into it.


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The current run of John Cena has been a matter of great anticipation

There is no doubt about the fact that John Cena has been one of the biggest faces in the WWE. In his extended ongoing run in the company, Cena has taken the responsibility to take on Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, of The Bloodline at Fastlane. In fact, to make that happen, the hottest name in the latest buzz, LA Knight, is set to team up with the 16-time World Champion.

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Notably, Cena has never won a match at Fastlane. Thus, ‘the Fast X star’ has every possible reason to improve his record in that event, and getting a backup in the form of Knight might help him to make this run a memorable one. However, while he would fight to squash the feud, it would be gripping to see where the storyline takes him in the near future.

Will Cena headline the upcoming Crown Jewel event?

After falling short of his 17th world title against Roman Reigns at Summerslam 2021, Cena went away from WWE but kept appearing in between, but not as long as he has right now since his major focus was on Hollywood. Considering the same, many enthusiasts have been playing Nostradamus by making forecasts about his potential future with the company. In fact, his future after he settles his dispute at Fastlane has also been discussed frequently. Amidst all of this, it was recently rumored that Cena might face ‘The Trible Chief’ at Crown Jewel.

Well, according to Wrestling Observer Radio, there are chances for Cena to be on the card against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel. Interestingly, this could be linked with his current storyline with The Bloodline. Also, next week’s episode of Smackdown is set to witness the presence of The Head of the Table, which might lay the groundwork for a feud between Cena and Reigns for Saudi Arabia.

With so much speculation about the 16-time world champion, the Crown Jewel event, if Cena appears, could be his last for some time. How? Let’s find out.

WWE might consider a plan for Cena’s 17th world title reign

If John Cena wrestles at Crown Jewel, it might be the last match of his current run. Considering the fact that Cena could return to Hollywood, the Saudi Arabian event could be his last. However, despite having the privilege of being called a GOAT, Cena still has one milestone to achieve. Yes! As laid out by WWE recently on X, Cena was called the GOAT in a video that was shared by their official handle. The prime intention of the clip was to highlight the evolution of Cena throughout his career.

The 59-second clip in fact had a caption that read, “Why they call @JohnCena the “GOAT”. Well, it seems that the caption might have revealed the probable plans of WWE for Cena. Hailing Cena as a GOAT, the promotion might find every possible way to affirm their claims. And to do so, WWE might project a possible title reign for Cena, in the future.


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To establish Cena as a GOAT in the eyes of many, the 17th world title could be a much-needed reason for WWE to back their claims. Thus, Cena’s chances to sign a new contract, if not in 2023, in 2024 is a possibility. And it might not be apt for a guy like Cena to call it quits at an event like Crown Jewel. Same as Ric Flair did, Cena if has to hang his boots, Wrestlemania might be the perfect event for the leader of Cenation.

However, a point to be noted here would be the commitments Cena has made concerning his upcoming movies. Even his next project, Argylle, is on the horizon, which might ask require Cena for his presence during its promotion. The same goes for every upcoming movie that will feature the 46-year-old as an integral part of the story.


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Keep it at the forefront; Cena’s next move in the WWE would be a gripping matter of anticipation. Will Cena’s Hollywood commitments hinder his WWE future? Time will tell.

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