Breaking Down the 3 Most Formidable Challengers Faced by Edge in His Last WWE Run

Published 10/03/2023, 1:39 PM EDT

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Throughout his career with probably the biggest brand in pro wrestling, WWE, Edge has proven every now and then why he is one of the greatest of all time. The Hall of Famer fought various battles that were enough to showcase his greatness in the realm of professional wrestling. From having put WWE’s tag team division on the map to his era-defining rivalry with John Cena, the 49-year-old had a career that was evidently a hoot and a half for the WWE universe.

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Years after he called it quits at the sport, the WWE universe was astounded by Edge’s grand return to the promotion at 2020’s Royal Rumble match. His second run with the company saw him compete against some of the top names from WWE’s current era and out on some memorable matches and feuds. Here we break down three of the toughest opponents Edge faced during his incredible second run with the promotion that recently came to an end.

Finn Balor was one the toughest foes for Edge


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Starting off with the brainchild of Edge Yes! The Judgement Day. This very faction was probably one of the most intriguing set-ups that was given birth by the ‘Rated R’ Superstar in his last run with WWE. But little did he know that his deeds would backfire on him since this very faction turned its back on Edge. It all started when the leader of Edge tried to introduce the newest member of the faction to the entire universe.

Finn Balor, then began to lead the faction until Edge made his fiery return at the SummerSlam 2022. After that, Edge had his eyes set on Finn Balor. Their story, however, was taken on personal grounds by the faction, as not only did they target Edge, but his wife and former WWE star Beth Phoenix was also a part of this feud. The first time Edge and Balor met was at Clash at the Castle last, but in a six-man tag team match where the veteran had Rey Mysterio and his son as his tag team partner. Edge drew first blood by winning the match, but their story was just getting started.


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After Clash at the Castle, both Edge and Balor had to carry their story to open yet another chapter at Extreme Rules. In a gruesome “I Quit Match” that lasted for nearly 30 minutes, Balor came out on top. All because Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix was left at the mercy of Rhea Ripley’s con-chair-to. Edge quit the match to hand Balor the win, but Ripley still brutally delivered a con-chair-to to Phoenix.

Finally, the two stars decided to settle the intense feud at WrestleMania in the dangerous surroundings of Hell in a Cell. The fight transitioned into a warzone since the fans witnessed both in different gimmicks inside Cell. Well, Edge brought his brood gimmick to battle against the Demon Balor. The match lasted nearly 18 minutes and saw Balor busted open. Being inside the cell, both witnessed unimaginable pain, but it was Edge who again stood victorious because of a Con-Chair-To on Balor. Witnessing so much pain throughout the storyline, Balor might be one of the toughest hurdles Edge ever came across.

Seth Rollins pushed Edge to the limit

Edge vs. Seth Rollins was a dream match for many fans until it became a reality in 2021. Both superstars were in a similar vein given their career trajectories and in-ring personas. Not to mention Edge was on the wrong side of Seth Rollins, during the latter’s time with The Authority. Rollins had threatened to break his neck, goading Cena to bring back The Authority in 2014.

When it comes to discussing one of the toughest obstacles for Edge, the name Seth Rollins can be added to the list. Truly, the storyline with Rollins was also among the gripping ones that Edge has been a part of. His battles against Rollins were an exciting ride for all the fans who wanted to experience this dream contest. Their beef, however, got out of hand when Rollins invaded Edge’s house and even insulted his daughter.

But the hot topic of their feud would be the contests that were held between both juggernauts. The first meeting of their trilogy was held at SummerSlam in 2021. The battle showcased 21 minutes of intensity fans had expected to witness, and it was Edge who had the upper hand all because of a Bulldog choke on Rollins. Moreover, Edge’s Brood’s entrance was the X factor that took the fans by surprise, which he used to do earlier in his career.

Following their scuffle at the grandest event of the summer, they both met another time on an episode of SmackDown that was held at the MSG. This time Rollins came out on top after a low blow and a series of superkicks to put Edge down for a three-count. With one win each, the time was ripe for a final match between the two to settle the feud.

Now let’s discuss the final showdown of the trilogy. At Crown Jewel 2021 in Saudi Arabia, Edge and Rollins squared off inside Hell in a Cell. A grueling encounter saw both stars punish each other inside the unforgiving confines of a cell. From Rollins performing a sunset bomb from the top of the ladder to Edge stomping Rollins on the chair to gain victory, this fight delivered everything a fan would possibly want. The 27 minutes and 40 seconds of this saga could perhaps be one of the toughest for Edge in his last run.

Edge failed to conquer Roman Reigns

Probably the toughest foe Edge battled in his last run with the company was Roman Reigns. He was the one guy whom Edge fought but was never able to defeat while he was with the company. The moment Edge stood tall, eventually winning the Royal Rumble event, many believed that he would be the one to beat Roman Reigns for the Universal championship at WrestleMania. However, the storyline interestingly saw the inclusion of Daniel Bryan (currently known as Bryan Danielson) into the picture.

The triple threat match, which was set to headline WrestleMania 37, came as a disappointment for those who desperately wanted ‘The Rated R’ Superstar to hold a major title in the company. It was Reigns who was able to continue his title run by pinning both his opponents in the middle of the ring. The match lasted for nearly 23 minutes, and it was the first-ever encounter inside the squared circle between Edge and Reigns, with Bryan as the third aspect.



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The second encounter with both bigwigs was held at Money in the Bank in 2021.  Having his eyes on the Universal strap, Edge wanted to take his revenge considering what happened at WrestleMania. The match, which lasted 33 minutes, was seemingly filled with highs and lows for a challenger like Edge. But again, fate had other plans since the 14000 people inside the arena saw Reigns standing victorious, all because of interference by Seth Rollins, which spoiled the glory Edge was eyeing.


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Since Edge was never able to taste the glory against Reigns, the 38-year-old could be the toughest opponent that Edge encountered in his last run. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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