“Punk’s Kryptonite”: Fans Turn Their Backs on CM Punk After Discovering His Reported Ego Issues in AEW

Published 08/25/2022, 2:00 PM EDT

The home to one of the greatest wrestling legends, Randy Savage is not the best place for the self-proclaimed Best in the World. CM Punk has had a major streak going on in his career, and it’s all related to Cleveland, Ohio. His recent defeat at the hands of Jon Moxley on AEW Dynamite just proves this point even more.


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Ever since coming back to the world of wrestling, CM Punk has been making a lot of headlines. Whether it may be the plethora of dream matches or his potential exit from the company, Punk is in everyone’s mind. But the recent performance and result did not come out as he might have expected.


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A few days earlier, AEW shocked everyone by announcing that Punk vs Jon Moxley will happen in this week’s Dynamite. It was much more of a surprise when we found out that it will not be the main event. Fast forward to Wednesday night, where CM Punk and Moxley face off for the title.

After a couple of punches with each wrestler, Punk kicks Moxley in the gut. But this leads to Punk calling for the referee as his leg was injured again. Moxley chose to avoid this and pinned Punk after three of his finishers. That’s how Punk lost his only title in AEW. This could be because of the various issues plaguing the AEW locker room because of CM Punk that is being reported by major outlets.

Fans mock CM Punk for his losing streak in Cleveland

After the match, a fan posted this on Twitter:

For starters, Cleveland was the last city that Punk was supposed to make an appearance for during his tenure at WWE. Then, after quitting that company, Punk decided to try his hand at MMA.

But his debut fight was in Cleveland as well. Finally, CM Punk lost his AEW Championship to Jon Moxley last night in Cleveland. It seems like Cleveland is not the place for Punk and the fans have something to say about that:

While this is all by coincidence, this is entirely true.

Well, that could be the only good thing to come out of this whole mess.

Right on point! CM Punk and Cleveland just don’t go together.

The AEW fans sure filled the replies to this tweet with people calling this long-term booking. While people forget that two of the three things are real and not booked.

That is honestly the truth. This is just a funny coincidence at the end of the day.


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One fan even chimed in saying this. Hopefully, this was coincidental only and not some ‘long term booking’.


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Was the Punk vs Moxley good in your opinion? Do you think they should have waited for Punk’s full recovery until the match? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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