Randy Orton is known for turning on his associates as part of his gimmick. But it’s been revealed that he intended to get his tag team partner fired even out of kayfabe. Matt Riddle recently shed light on this topic while discussing his former teammate on a podcast.

The main reason behind this conflict appears to be the miscommunication that happened on Riddle’s first day of meeting with The Viper. Even though the latter didn’t act on his words, he still meant it when he announced that he would try to get Riddle fired from the active roster of WWE.

What did Randy Orton do exactly?


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On a recent episode of the podcast Signed By Superstars, Matt Riddle sat down to discuss several things from his wrestling career and personal life. A lot of the topics naturally had Randy Orton in them because of the long time that the two wrestlers spent together as a team. However, things weren’t always as friendly as they appeared to be on screen.

Matt Riddle first met Randy Orton inside the locker room. While talking about the attitudinal difference between two generations of wrestling, he revealed how his behavior ‘rubbed’ Orton the wrong way.

The first time we met, I didn’t want to bother him and he’s going up to everybody [and shaking their hands] I had my headphones on, I was chilling and I didn’t go up and say hi to him. And I remember Randy going, ‘I’m going to figure out a way to get this guy fired,’” confessed Riddle on the podcast episode.

When later on the younger wrestler found out about the same, and he asked his teammate to confirm the incident. Then, all that the WWE legend had to say to him was, “Yeah, but you’re cool now.

What could’ve been worrying for the former Tag Team Champion back then is now a hilarious story that he tells while conversing on a podcast. And even though Orton has now returned to WWE, probably a changed man, he can still turn on us at any moment.

Will we witness Randy Orton turn on the faces of WWE?


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As of now, Orton is actively feuding with Roman Reigns. His conflict was even going to land him a match opportunity to face The Tribal Chief in a singles match for his title. However, due to a sudden turn of events, we shall witness him and Reigns in a Fatal Four Way match at Royal Rumble ’24.

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It is also expected of him to stand up to his moniker of The Viper and betray the two other babyfaces who will wrestle in the match as opponents when the right time arrives.


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What do you think of the story that Matt Riddle shared about the WWE legend?

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