Ranking the Five Greatest Matches From the WWE Career of Jon Moxley

Published 02/03/2021, 12:46 PM EST
BREMEN, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 10: Dean Ambrose during WWE Germany Live Bremen – Road To Wrestlemania at OVB-Arena on February 10, 2016 in Bremen, Germany. (Photo by Joachim Sielski/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Prior to making his monumental AEW debut, Jon Moxley was tearing it up as WWE’s Dean Ambrose. He wrestled for the company from 2012 to 2019, leaving the company after WrestleMania 35. During his seven-year stint with WWE, Moxley put on some incredible matches, and these are the best of the bunch.


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Jon Moxley plays the Game (Roadblock 2016)


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At the 2016 Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns defended his WWE Championship in the titular match. Triple H eliminated the champion and won the match by last eliminating Moxley. He would get his shot at the title at WWE Roadblock, in a match that showcased how good of a wrestler Moxley is.

The challenger attacked the champion’s legs, destroying the base Triple H uses to plant his opponents with the Pedigree or a Spinebuster. Moxley had the champion beat with the patented Dirty Deeds, but his foot was under the bottom rope, voiding the three-count. After missing an elbow drop through the announcer’s desk, Triple H finished the challenger with the Pedigree.

Mox is the Last Man Standing (Royal Rumble 2016)

Five years before his epic match with Roman Reigns at the 2021 Royal Rumble, Kevin Owens put on a tremendous Last Man Standing match against Jon Moxley at the 2016 Royal Rumble. Owens and Moxley had an entertaining rivalry that saw both men take each other to extreme limits. This match was for Moxley’s Intercontinental Championship.

The feud would end at the Royal Rumble, where both men tried to keep the other man down for the ten-count. Both men put each other through tables and planted the other on chairs. In the end, it was Moxley who prevailed after sending Owens crashing through a stack of two tables.

The Lunatic Fringe faces the Phenomenal One (Backlash 2016)

After winning the WWE Championship at the 2016 Money in the Bank PPV, Moxley was the face of the WWE. He crossed paths with the man who defeated John Cena at SummerSlam and posed the biggest threat to his reign. That man was AJ Styles. Styles and Moxley faced off at WWE Backlash 2016, a SmackDown Live exclusive PPV.

Moxley had to dig deep to put away Styles, who was in fiery form after his win against John Cena. Styles busted out his trademark offence, the springboard 450 splash and the Calf Crusher could not put the champion away.

However, a low-blow and a Styles Clash ended Moxley’s reign and a new champion was crowned. Despite Styles winning, Moxley was also very impressive in this match.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose steal the show (Hell in a Cell 2014)

After stabbing his Shield brothers in the back, Seth Rollins became the most hated man on the planet. He automatically became a target for a vindictive Jon Moxley.

Rollins and Moxley clashed at SummerSlam in a lumberjack match, but Rollins cheated to win. Their rivalry became so intense, they needed to resolve their issues inside Hell in a Cell.

On a show that also featured Randy Orton vs John Cena inside Hell in a Cell, they gave the main event spot to Rollins and Moxley. Before tearing each other apart inside the cell, both men fell off the side of the structure through the announcer’s tables. Kendo sticks, tables, chairs, fire extinguishers, and they required Bray Wyatt for Rollins to put away Moxley.

Jon Moxley battles AJ Styles in a TLC classic (TLC 2016)

After losing the WWE Title to AJ Styles, Moxley was promised a rematch at TLC. However, both men had to team up for the Raw vs SmackDown Survivor Series match.


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After Moxley was eliminated, he returned to ring and helped Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins eliminate AJ Styles, calling for an impromptu Shield reunion.

At TLC, both men put on an absolute war for the WWE Championship. Moxley hit Styles with an amazing elbow drop off a ladder through the announcer’s table.

Styles hit a jaw-dropping springboard 450 splash through a table outside the ring. An interference by James Ellsworth cost Moxley a definite shot at winning the title, but it did not take away from the match quality.


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