Vince McMahon Finally Breaks Silence on the Departure Of Paul Heyman

July 31, 2020 6:40 pm

In a recent media call, WWE CEO and Chairman Vince Mcmahon finally broke the silence on the reason Paul Heyman was removed from his post as the Executive Director of RAW. 

Paul Heyman’s firing came as a shock to many fans across the WWE Universe. It was no secret that the RAW ratings were declining, but letting go of Heyman seemed like an extreme measure.

When asked the direct question as to why Heyman was fired, McMahon didn’t give a direct answer. 

“As far as Paul Heyman’s concerned, he did a very good job in terms of creativity.”

Vince Mcmahon is normally a man of many words. I mean, that’s pretty much what the Attitude Era was based around. However, he seemed to restrict himself on this topic.

WWE fans were thrown into the scatter when they heard of Paul Heyman’s firing. However, they settled down mainly after they heard that Bruce Prichard was taking over. This owes to the massive respect fans have for Prichard and his abilities.

Vince McMahon avoided answering the question directly

After the recent ratings on RAW, however, and the storylines that are being created, fans are questioning the real reason why Heyman was fired. Many feel that the storylines were better under his reign.

When asked if Heyman was replaced for creative reasons, McMahon once more gave a brief reply.

“As far as continuing on, acting on what’s new and building and characters, you always have to build new characters. Constantly.”

The reply may not have been the descriptive story that many fans were excepting. Many are now getting pretty bored of RAW, and its use of the same veteran Superstars to gather ratings.

The lack of build-up for new stars has led to the exhaustion of storylines. RAW has clearly not improved much since Prichard took over. The question now is, how much longer till RAW completely crashes?

Vince Mcmahon seems to have a plan to deal with the viewership loss. In the Annual Shareholder Meet earlier this week, he stated that RAW would be making new stars rather than continue banking on veterans. 

This may come as a welcome relief to many. We expect to see a huge change in RAW over the course of the next few weeks.

Source: Wrestletalk

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