Keith Lee vs Braun Strowman Ends in Bizarre Fashion on WWE Raw

October 20, 2020 9:17 am

Keith Lee faced Braun Strowman in a match that could have brought down the ThunderDome. Unfortunately, what could have been a defining victory for either men ended in a disappointing way. Strowman delivered an unusual low blow to Lee with his head which helped him pick up the win.

Braun Strowman vs Keith Lee ends disappointingly

Lee hit Strowman with a pounce and was about to end it with a powerbomb. As Lee tried to hoist the ‘Monster Among Men’ aloft, Strowman headbutted him in the groin in what was the most bizarre low blow ever.

Neither man looked good coming out of this match. While Lee looked juvenile for falling to a cheap trick, Strowman looked weak for using a low blow to win.

The low blow was hit in clear view of the referee who could have called off the match. Instead, he stood like a statue as Lee writhed on the canvas in agony.

Strowman followed up the low blow with a devastating running boot to the face. That was enough to put Lee away for the three count.

Lee almost powered his way out but couldn’t push Strowman’s body off of his before the referee’s hand slapped the mat for the third time. While the match was disappointing, the post match scenes were quite interesting.

Post match shenanigans

After the three count, Strowman celebrated his big win. He turned around to be kicked square in the groin by Lee who proceeded to verbally berate the former WWE Universal Champion. This could lead to a heel turn by Strowman, considering Lee’s popularity and the heelish tactics used to win the match.

Lee targeted Strowman’s damaged ribs throughout the match. The injury was courtesy of Roman Reigns’ vicious post match assault on Strowman on SmackDown. Lee hit him with shoulder blocks in the corner and a giant splash to further damage the ribs. In spite of Lee targeting the injury, it was not enough for him to come away with the win.

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