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Rising Superstar Liv Morgan Takes A Dig At WWE

Published 06/24/2020, 3:17 PM EDT

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WWE Superstar Liv Morgan has fired shots at the company following her match against Natalya. WWE posted pictures of their match which showed Morgan performing moves that were edited out of the match that aired on TV. Morgan was having none of it.

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In a twitter post, she sarcastically thanked WWE for posting the pictures of the parts that they cut out.


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If you watched the match, you’ll know it lasted a bare two minutes. Natalya was dominant in the entire match. This brief fight ended with Morgan tapping out from the Sharpshooter by Natalya, off a distraction by Lana.

However, there was a part of the match in which Morgan did turn the tide and take the fight to Natalya. For some reason, that part was omitted and cut out from the match that aired on TV.

Not at all happy about this decision, Liv Morgan took it to social media. The match showed Natalya having the upper hand the entire time, which made Morgan look weak. She undoubtedly realized this and that may be the root of her anger.

Liv Morgan is hungry for a big storyline

Ever since joining WWE, Liv Morgan has been looking for a major storyline as an individual. Her major push came along with Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott, collectively called the Riott Squad.

On their debut, the Riott Squad interfered with two matched on the same night. Throughout the weeks, their notoriety increased. They managed to pull off victories against Sasha Banks and Bayley and were arguably the most effective team on the roster at the time.


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Since the Riott Squad ceased to exist, Liv Morgan has been left in the shadows. Being kept on the waiting list, she has grown frustrated.

There may still be hope for her, however. Ever since Bruce Prichard took over as the Director of RAW, he’s been looking at creating major storylines. Earlier this week, WWE teased a reunion partnership between Morgan and Ruby Riott.

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This could be a sign of good things to come. Morgan just has to hang in there for a while longer. There may also be danger from AEW, as they try to swoop in to bring her to their side.

WWE has been forced to reconsider a lot of decisions with the rival promotion in mind. As of now, things aren’t looking good with Liv Morgan.



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