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Drew McIntyre Is Not Medically Cleared to Compete at Clash of Champions

Drew McIntyre Is Not Medically Cleared to Compete at Clash of Champions

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has been in dire straits lately. The reigns of Champion seems to be wearing down on him. The big man is apparently not medically cleared to fight yet, despite his promos.

Drew McIntyre has been appearing on every Raw and delivering his ground rules. Last week, he Claymored Randy Orton three times in one night!

Earlier today he appeared and will defend his title against Keith Lee before facing Orton at Clash Of Champions. However, it seems that McIntyre isn’t out of the woods yet.

On Raw today, Adam Pearce came out and advised Drew McIntyre to lay down his WWE Championship and step out of the brawl due to the injury. McIntyre refused but the entire segment was very alarming.

3 weeks ago, Orton had a brutal altercation with McIntyre. “The Legend Killer” destroyed the WWE Champion with consecutive Punts, sending him to the ambulance.

The impact of those hard kicks to the head took their toll on “The Scottish Psychopath”. It was later revealed that he had sustained a bad injury.

WWE remains skeptical on Drew McIntyre in the storyline

WWE released an official update on McIntyre’s condition later.

“As reported by Charly Caruso on Raw, medical staff were fearful of a skull fracture and potential brain bleeding to Drew McIntyre after Randy Orton delivered three vicious kicks to the skull to the WWE Champion earlier in the night. The medical officials did also express concern the injuries could potentially be career-threatening. McIntyre was eventually loaded into an ambulance and transported to a local medical facility for further testing.”

Keith Lee had to step in for McIntyre at Payback to fight Randy Orton. Lee put a pretty good show and had to also step in on RAW last Monday to face Orton.

WWE News: Drew McIntyre commented on his NXT appearance

Drew McIntyre has been kept well in the background here and isn’t out of the picture. WWE has made sure Drew McIntyre still stalks Orton and delivers promos. Although, he isn’t medically cleared yet.

Should McIntyre continue this way, it could be dangerous for him to compete at Clash Of Champions. We could see Keith Lee take on Randy Orton again if things don’t go according to plan.

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