WWE has nothing been like the old days ever since Triple H has taken over as the Head of Creative, and this recent segment is just another example. To give praise to it, the passion of both Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens practically emitted out of the television. There was nothing but the heat between two of the best wrestlers in the company right now.

Wrestling fans have long been shouting and complaining about the scripted segments on WWE. But this promo between Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre was a breath of fresh air as fans were able to see the love and dedication of both superstars. The back and forth, the intensity, and the competitiveness were all on full display. And the fans’ reaction is definitely what Triple H wants.


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The segment started with Drew McIntyre coming out to the ring to hype up his match with Roman Reigns. He weaved a fictional future where he becomes the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and listed off dream matches as the champ. As he finished listing Raw superstars, out came Kevin Owens.

Demanding the respect that he deserves, Kevin Owens went off on a passionate rant about his love for wrestling. Absolutely screaming off the mic, Owens stopped, but this lead to McIntyre’s moment of fire on the mic. The No. 1 contender delivers the line of the show, “We’re wrestlers in a wrestling ring, so let’s wrestle.” Breaking the longtime rule under Vince McMahon, where wrestlers were not allowed to call the sport wrestling or use any of the related terms.

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This led to an explosive one-on-one match between Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre, which delivered at every moment. But unfortunately, we didn’t get a decisive winner as The Usos beat down McIntyre. But the match was epic and the fan reaction to the promo was even more massive.

Fans scream their excitement at Triple H letting wrestlers go all out

After last week’s destructive match with Ezekiel, Kevin Owens is truly back. Not just in the wrestling ring and WWE, but in the minds of WWE fans as well. And a title change with KO or McIntyre as the champion will always be delightful.

Quoting this fan right now as we also think that this might just be the best promo of the year.

These two went off, which is an understatement, as they just brought down the house with only their passion.


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Perfection is the name of the game and The Game has been delivering it ever since his comeback to the company.


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This promo made us feel all the emotions. From passion to the excitement, Owens and McIntyre truly brought massive energy to the table. Tell us how you feel about this already classic promo by Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre in the comments below.