WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: Full Match Card, Preview, Start Time and Where to Watch

Published 02/19/2021, 12:00 PM EST

Elimination Chamber this year is set to be a cracker of an event with mouthwatering clashes being set for fans inside the unforgiving structure. 


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As expected, things are going to get heated as the toughest men in WWE battle it out inside one of the most brutal battle sites in WWE. Here are the fights scheduled to take place this Sunday at the event. 


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1.Drew McIntyre (C) vs Randy Orton vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston (WWE Championship match) 

The biggest match of the night is set to take place between these six men as they enter the Elimination Chamber. Drew McIntyre has to revisit past demons as well as new challengers inside the cage, and the only way he’s leaving Champion is if he beats all of them. 

‘The Scottish Psychopath’ faces an uphill challenge a lot harder than the gauntlet match inside the Chamber. He is surrounded by enemies that can be unleashed upon him at any time. Each hungrier than the last.

Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and Sheamus all have gold on their mind and will do whatever it takes to walk out with the belt on their shoulders. McIntyre will have to bring a lot more than his usual game to the ring at the event.

2.Asuka (C) vs Lacey Evans (WWE Raw Women’s Championship match)

Asuka has been the dominant Champion for months now and has been sweeping aside every challenger that comes in front of her. However, she may face a real challenge with Lacey Evans this Sunday. 

Under the guidance of Ric Flair, Lacey has improved a lot and aims to clinch the Raw Women’s Championship. Flair is confident that she will win and also prove his disapproving daughter Charlotte wrong. 

3.Bobby Lashley (C) vs Matt Riddle vs Keith Lee 

Keith Lee and Matt Riddle will have to forget their friendship for one night as they both strive to defeat the behemoth that is Bobby Lashley.

As the last bastion of a crumbling faction, Lashley aims to decimate the rebellious Riddle and overpower Lee at Elimination Chamber. The conflict between friendship and challengers may affect the performance of his competitors, and Lashley could use this to his advantage.

‘The Original Bro’ is the underdog here and needs to use some brilliant strategy to come out on top, while Keith Lee just as to use sheer strength as always.

4.Jey Uso vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin (#1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship match)

Roman Reigns watches eagerly as every one 0of his challengers battle it out to earn the opportunity to challenge him. ‘The Tribal Chief’ sits on his throne with a heavy crown that has been growing a lot lighter as he vanquishes every foe. 

His cousin and ardent follower Jey Uso also competes, but with the sole purpose of eliminating the competition. Daniel Bryan aims at redemption, while Kevin Owens wants nothing more than another shot at Reigns. 

Sami Zayn and Cesaro are both trying to get back in the main event picture and could be big differentials here; the tide turns in anyone’s favor inside the Chamber. 


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5. Roman Reigns vs #1 Contender 

Besides surviving the atrocities of the Elimination Chamber, the #1 contender also has to face Roman Reigns for the Championship on the same night! 


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This means that the lucky (or unlucky) winner will have to pull off a Chris Jericho on Sunday in what is set to be a true war of attrition. The odds don’t look too good for the challenger, but then again, when you’re up against Roman Reigns the odds never look good. 


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