WWE Legend Edge’s WrestleMania Record Indicates He Might Beat Roman Reigns to Win the Universal Championship

Published 02/28/2021, 12:54 PM EST

Edge has really done it all since his return and has proved that he can put himself in the grinder after winning the WWE Royal Rumble from the #1 spot. He has now chosen Roman Reigns as his opponent for WrestleMania, and things are looking good for the star. 


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Looking back at the illustrious career of ‘The Rated-R Superstar’, we have put together his record of wins and losses at the big event whenever he challenges for a title. 


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1.WrestleMania 2000 

Edge initially wrestled as part of a Tag Team with his best friend Christian. The two earned their shot but had a very hard haul to bring in at the show itself. 

Facing legendary tag teams The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian had to win the WWF Tag Team Championships which were suspended above the ring. 

The match was a Triangle Triple Threat which was conducted in a TLC format. Edge silenced the Hardy Boyz, while the Dudley Boyz were sent through tables, effectively sending them out of the match.

The duo managed to win after sending Matt Hardy through a table from the ladder and clinched the titles above a disastrous battle scene.

2.WrestleMania X7

The duo once again met the same opponents in an even more destructive battle the next year to once more claim the Tag Team titles. 

This time, Edge put out Jeff Hardy with ‘that’ Spear off the ladder in the climax of the fight. The crowd pop to this was huge, but that was just a prelude to the intensity that arrived after. 

The Dudley Boyz once more found themselves thrown through tables, and the two were sent through the woodworks for a final time before Edge and Christian unhooked the titles. 

3.WrestleMania XXVII

The last title challenge at WrestleMania for Edge came at WrestleMania XXVII against Alberto Del Rio. The Rolls Royce driving heel had established himself as the best of the roster until he drew the rage of Edge. 

‘The Rated-R Superstar’ managed to send Del Rio in a world of hurt. After dodging and breaking out of multiple Cross-Arm Breaker attempts, Edge Speared Del Rio to win the World Heavyweight Championship. 

This reign, however, was short-lived since Edge had to relinquish his title due to a career-ending injury then. However, he is back stronger than ever and looks to make Roman Reigns his next victim. 


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Edge will head into WrestleMania with renewed hope and if he can take on a man like Mick Foley and come out on top, Roman Reigns should be up to his alley.

Furthermore, he has won every time he challenges for the title at WrestleMania, a statistic that may bother Reigns.


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Although, fighting ‘The Tribal Chief’ is still an uphill battle, and Edge will have to give it all he’s got.


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