Rare Video of The Undertaker Breaking Character and Smiling Goes Viral

November 4, 2020 9:16 pm

Throughout his 30 years in WWE as a professional wrestler, The Undertaker has had several eras of “The Deadman”. There was the early Undertaker, Big Evil Undertaker, “The Phenom” and much more.

One of the most talked-about phases, however, was the Ministry of Darkness. This era lasted for 2 years from 1998-99 that saw the absolute peaks of The Undertaker’s character.

Looking back at the career of “The Deadman” now, WWE has begun marking the memorable moments of his career. When doing this, one cannot forget the Ministry of Darkness era.

In a recent post on Instagram, WWE shared a video of Taker during this legendary era from the perspective of a fan. “The Phenom” was seen doing a classic promo, but couldn’t help but break character for a brief moment.

As you can see in the video above, Taker timed his actions perfectly, which went with the blast. This was definitely a “that was cool” moment. He can be seen smiling before going back into character.

The Undertaker has seldom broken character

The Undertaker has had several similar promos. There is always a huge budget for him during segments, promos, and especially entrances. Taker has controlled lighting strikes, come out of graves, and played with fire in WWE.

Although, no WWE fan can ever really say that “The Phenom” has ever broken character. Taker has been acclaimed for the fact that he never broke the “Deadman” character even outside the ring. 

This is precisely what sold The Undertaker to the audience. The spot is one of the rare occasions where he actually broke character in an era that was dominated by his scowl.

The Ministry of Darkness era is one of the weirdest eras in retrospect. WWE actually used inspiration from ancient satanic lore to flavor segments. Taker tried to embalm Stone Cold and Kane twice, and also crucified the former once.

At least now we know that The Undertaker is human. If there was one time which Taker was at his darkest, it was during this era.

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