The Reason Why CM Punk Doesn’t Want to Work With Ryback Again in a Wrestling Ring

Published 01/16/2021, 6:45 AM EST

CM Punk had a lot of great matches for WWE and has really been through the grinder when it comes to opponents. Facing the likes of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker, he established his status as a big card player. 


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He may have faced the best the business has to offer, but there is one match that ticked Punk off completely. This would be the one against former WWE Superstar Ryback in 2013, inside Hell in a Cell. 


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CM Punk was running rampant through WWE under Paul Heyman’s management. His stint as WWE Champion had taken him to the stars but that had also incurred the wrath of bigger predators. 

Also making a name for himself was Ryback, who had the reputation of overkill due to his ability to obliterate his opponents. Ryback was touted to be the next Goldberg due to his sheer dominance. 

Now against Heyman, Punk had to prove a point and Heyman was trapped at the top of the Steel Cage holding on for dear life.

Punk eventually had to face his demons inside the brutal structure of the Cell. ‘The Best in the World’ was the underdog throughout the match. Ryback displayed all his strength in a concentrated manner inside the cell. 

There was no way out for Punk, who used chairs, kendo stick, and tables to aid his defense. Unfortunately, nothing could stop Ryback who kept throwing Punk around like he was weightless.

Punk is a master of deception however and used ‘different’ ways to beat his opponent. After sustaining the brutalities of Ryback, Punk turned the tide using a kendo stick. 

CM Punk hit Ryback with a low blow before winning

In a moment of madness, Punk struck Ryback with a low blow, putting him out of commission. Taking the advantage, CM Punk quickly lifted Ryback up and hit him with a Go to Sleep. 

The hit was enough and Punk picked up the pinfall victory; this wasn’t the only big thing of the night. The former WWE Champion then climbed to the top of the cage with a Kendo Stick and proceeded to let all hell loose on Heyman. 

The manager could not run due to his fear of heights and was whacked multiple times by Punk. ‘The Best in the World’ then delivered a thumping GTS on Heyman atop Hell in a Cell in one of the most satisfying moments in WWE history. 


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CM Punk apparently refused to work with Ryback following this match as he felt ‘The Big Guy’ was too rash in his moves. WWE then decided to break off the feud, leaving Ryback in the dust. 


The Rivalry Between CM Punk and Ryback Outside the WWE Ring

11 months ago


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The real-life rivalry between the two then began in what culminated in a huge bad-blood situation. To this day, Ryback and Punk don’t see eye to eye. It is unlikely that they will ever step into the same ring together again, but it was good while it lasted. 


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