Will Alexa Bliss Follow the Footsteps of Sasha Banks to Become a Hollywood Superstar?

January 13, 2021 11:58 pm

Alexa Bliss has had an overly successful career in WWE so far. Her achievements are only exceeded by her popularity with fans, and she has proved to be an all-round asset for the company.

Alexa Bliss fit into every role that WWE put on her plate. She successfully turned heel, stayed babyface, worked in a tag team, and even turned into a darker character, most recently with ‘The Fiend’. 

‘The Goddess’ has impressed fans so much that there is already a lot of talk on how well she would fit in a movie or TV show. As of now, there is a well-lit road open to Bliss towards Hollywood stardom. 

The former Raw Women’s Champion has been excellent in selling during matches and nails those facial expressions in promos. Her ability to perfect a diverse amount of roles has surely attracted the attention of many directors. 

Alexa Bliss has really made a statement through her maniacal character alongside ‘The Fiend’. She has worked to sell her character as a complete evil accomplice but still manages not to drift over the limit. 

This breakout form of her character may just be what she needed to get a career in acting started. As most of you may know, she won’t be the first. 

Alexa Bliss can follow the footsteps of Sasha Banks and The Rock

WWE Superstars have a had a long history with Hollywood. Their skills in promos and selling make most of them perfect fits in movies. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for example, became larger than life when he moved to his Hollywood career. Taking his in-ring charisma to the big screen, he is now one of the most popular personalities in the world. 

Most recently, SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks featured in the new season of hit TV Series The Mandalorian, which effectively portrays her flair for acting. 

Speaking of flairs, Charlotte Flair has also received a lot of tempting offers for Reality TV series, and a Hollywood career awaits her as well. 

Who knows, maybe someday, Alexa Bliss will decide to make that move. Needless to say, she will fit into that role as well. 

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