WWE Drops Chilling Promo for Hell in a Cell 2020

September 28, 2020 6:33 pm

Clash of Champions only just concluded hours ago, but it seems like WWE is already picking up the tools and working on the next major PPV. During the show itself, the company announced the coming of Hell in a Cell next month.

Hell in a Cell is one of WWE’s biggest PPVs because it has a classic steel cage with no exit. This traditional structure has been in WWE for decades and will see action yet again.

Hell in a Cell is set to take place on October 25, a Sunday. Although no matches have been announced yet, we are definitely going to see some big names compete in the red cage.

We expect to see the likes of Drew McIntyre, “The Fiend”, Randy Orton, Asuka, Bayley, Seth Rollins, and Dominik Mysterio among others to feature in the match card.

We will have to wait and see Monday Night Raw tomorrow night for the first blood to be drawn. There will undoubtedly be a few storylines beginning or at least one match being announced for Hell in a Cell.

The draft may unlock a lot of dream storylines for WWE

Another defining part for the plot is the big Draft coming up on the October 12 episode of Raw. There will be a few big names switching brands for sure, and the storylines for Hell in a Cell will be made accordingly.

There is a high probability that the Seth Rollins feud with the Mysterio family will continue for another brutal round. Although, there may be some altercations with Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio.

There is also the big chance of Bayley clashing with Sasha Banks in a decisive encounter. We will unfortunately be missing out on the hardcore female Superstars like Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch for the PPV due to their absence.

Hell in a Cell sees some of the most brutal brawls and showdown. Although the PPV only got established in 2009, the Steel cage of the event has been appearing since 1997. 

The structure locks two rivals in with nothing but each other. If Clash of Champions was insane, imagine what Hell in a Cell will be.

We are certainly excited to see what WWE plans for us, especially after the drafts are made. There will certainly be some shockers, or maybe NXT gets thrown in the mix?

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