Rhea Ripley usually uses intimidation to dominate her opponent in the ring. However, when the stakes are low, sometimes she tends to humiliate the challenger. Getting inspired by her actions during house shows, CM Punk has decided that he will try to walk a path similar to that of Rhea Ripley to wreak havoc at the upcoming Monday Night Raw.

Taking to Instagram today, the former AEW superstar uploaded an exciting message for fans who will be seeing him in Chicago on 03/25.

Rhea Ripley gets credited for her live event shenanigans


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During a house show in Rockford, Illinois, Rhea Ripley defeated Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. But her victory did not arrive before she got to humiliate Nia Jax. After seeing what she did during a live show, CM Punk was motivated to repeat something similar.

“The Best in the World” decided to upload an Instagram story where he teased fans about what is about to happen at Raw tonight. He uploaded an explicitly edited picture of himself and Cody Rhodes, where the two stars appear to be kissing each other. There is also a message that he has for the wrestling world.

To give context for the suggestive image, CM Punk wrote, “I see what [Rhea Ripley] been doing on house shows and I’m prepared to raise the bar. See you tomorrow, Chicago. Live TV is the best, let’s all swear!

Although Punk has not specified what he is going to do on Monday Night Raw, the last sentence suggests that he will use prohibited words to breach the TV-PG guidelines that WWE follows much like what other stars on the roster have been doing lately.

But what did Mami do to be on everyone’s watchlist?


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Rhea Ripley pays tribute to WWE legend

While defending her title in a triple-threat match in Rockford, Illinois yesterday, Rhea Ripley used a signature move that belongs to Rikishi. She embarrassed Nia Jax by using Stink Face on her. This drove many fans, who were present at the venue, to the heights of excitement. While this was a tribute and not specifically something breaching the PG guidelines, CM Punk is ready to do the latter.

Last week on Raw, Cody Rhodes breached the guidelines by cursing on live TV. Now, his ex-rival is looking forward to doing the same. CM Punk is not going to wrestle at the upcoming PLE in April. However, he has already announced his presence at WrestleMania 40. So, his promo tonight could be a teaser for the same.


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Are you excited to see CM Punk swear on live TV?

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