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Former WWE Superstar, Matt Riddle was invited to the podcast of renowned wrestling journalist Chris Van Vliet recently. In episode#560, Matt Riddle discussed about his old issues with Goldberg, his WWE release, his story of winning the MITB, and his partnership with Randy Orton. During a segment in the interview, he discussed his chances of returning while referencing CM Punk.

Matt Riddle is optimistic about his return due to CM Punk


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A few months ago, Matt Riddle was released controversially during his run in 2023. Riddle was doing great until Randy Orton’s unexpected injury after RKBro headlined WrestleMania 38 Night 1. When asked about the chances of his return, he said, “Well, I’ll say this and this isn’t a knock to anybody. Good luck to everybody. If CM Punk can come back, there’s definitely a possibility that I can come back.


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Matt Riddle was released due to a series of controversial incidents that gained unnecessary publicity online. Despite an ill-repute due to his consumption of marijuana, Matt Riddle was pushed on multiple occasions by WWE. Acknowledging the support by WWE management, Riddle said, “I have no ill will, I really don’t. I’m thankful they gave me the opportunities they gave me. I’m super stoked on it. Super happy about it.


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CM Punk’s return to WWE at Survivor Series shocked many fans considering he’s been their biggest critic since 2013. So much so that when WWE fans are unhappy with the product, they chant “CM Punk.” In retrospect, other WWE superstars like Ultimate Warrior, CM Punk, and Bret Hart had bitter issues with WWE and nobody ever expected WWE to reconcile with them. Therefore, Riddle holds optimism about the chances of his return.

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