The Undertaker made his presence felt on the 30th-anniversary episode of RAW! Similar to his memorable moment on the first RAW episode, this time, The Phenom had an iconic segment with Bray Wyatt on RAW XXX. The WWE Universe saw a ‘Master meeting the Student’ moment on the biggest red brand show of the year.


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LA Knight was in the ring calling out WWE legends who wanted to step in the ring on RAWXXX with him. The American Badass made his way to the ring after the traditional bell voice of The Deadman’s music.

However, while the 40-year-old started walking off the ring, Bray Wyatt came to confront Knight. The SmackDown star ran on the ring to save himself. After that, fans saw a once-in-a-lifetime moment in WWE.

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Taker was holding Knight in chokeslam position but passed him to Wyatt for Sister Abigail. The Eater of the Worlds finally had a passing of the torch moment with ‘The Lord of the Darkness’. This image won’t fade away in the minds of the fans for a long time.

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Fans go berserk seeing The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt in the same ring

This was an iconic moment and fans surely thought the same. The reactions below will give you’ll a hint of how much significance this moment has and will have in the future.

Indeed, the iconic moment.

A memorable RAW 30th anniversary image.

Fans praising WWE for the segment of The Deadman and The Eater of the Worlds.

A tag team that fans only imagined!

Passing of the torch, indeed!

Wyatt will never forget this moment, with The Undertaker, like the above fans who are mesmerized with this segment.

Taker shares a tweet on about his segment with Wyatt on RAW XXX

After calling it a day from in ring competition, The Phenom broke his kayfabe and joined social media. He shares major moments of his life on the platform several times.


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Similarly, he shared a tweet about his segment on the recent RAW episode. Taker wrote, “Moments define this industry. This one was special!”


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The Phenom and Wyatt clearly made their mark on RAW 30 without uttering a word. What is your thought about this moment on RAW? Share your comments below.

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