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Whenever someone ventures into their dream profession, they have a goal they want to achieve. When it comes to pro wrestling, the goal of most newbies is to dethrone an existing champion or be the opponent for a veteran’s retirement match. One such champion and veteran on many people’s lists is Brock Lesanr. While many stars have expressed their desire to defeat Lesnar in the past, one former UFC star wanted to retire Lesnar and many were fans of the idea.

Who wanted to retire Brock Lesnar?

The star in question is none other than the Original Bro, Matt Riddle. In an interview with The MMA Hour after winning his NJPW championship belt, the former WWE star reflected upon his time at WWE and all the things that eventually led to his downfall at WWE. However, one thing that he talked about was what his goal was during his time at WWE.

During the interview, he told how every star wishes to reach the status of Roman Reigns. However, what caught everyone’s attention was when he expressed what his goal was at WWE. He said, “I remember my goal in my wrestling career was to retire Brock Lesnar.” Riddle believed that this would have helped him achieve his dream of becoming an ultimate WWE star.

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