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Rey Mysterio, Who Is a Proud Father, Breaks Silence on Attacking His Own Blood: “Everyone Has Limits..”

Published 03/25/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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After months of engaging in a feud, that too, with his own son, Rey Mysterio, has finally snapped back. Week after week, we have seen Dominik Mysterio infuriating his father in some way or another. However, The Master of the 619 has always responded calmly, except this time. 

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There have been several instances when Dominik brutally attacked his father, but Rey Mysterio refused to fight back. With time, the dispute between the two is getting more personal as the younger one leaves no scope to humiliate his own family. Thus, the father who was once proud of his own blood reached his breaking point because of him. 

Rey Mysterio revealed why he threw a hand at his own


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After tonight’s SmackDown, Rey Mysterio revealed why he was pushed to a limit where he had to throw his hand at his own son. Not only did the recent episode of SmackDown give us a surprising visual where the father knocked his son to the arena floor, but also accepted his long-time challenge to fight him at WrestleMania.

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The part where he accepted the challenge of facing his son in the ring is surprising but not more than him putting his hands on his son. What pushed him to take such a step? 


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As disclosed by the senior Mysterio in his tweet, “Every man has his limits…Don’t forget, she’s not only your mother, but my wife.” 

This clearly states the reason behind the furious behavior of the soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer. But what did Rhea Ripley’s Latino Heat do to his own mother that turned things upside down? 

The reason behind The Ultimate Underdog’s furious behavior against his son

Tonight’s SmackDown saw The Judgement Day member harassing his sister and mother. Similar to his previous actions, the younger Mysterio again interfered in a match. This time, it was a 1-on-1 bout between his father and L.A. Knight. As a result, the latter won with a roll-up. 


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However, during this time, Dominik Mysterio went to the ringside to purposely insult his family. She called his sister stupid, after which her mother, Angie, grabbed the mic. This didn’t stop him but pushed him to a limit where he took the mic back from his mother and shouted at her to shut up.

This was enough for the calm father to get furious in no time and attack his own son. He then also locked the WrestleMania match with him. 


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So, what do you think? On what night will this bout take place and what kind of match will it be? Let us know in the comments below.



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