Rhea Ripley is set to defend her WWE World Women’s title at WrestleMania XL against Becky Lynch. This comes a month after defending her title at Elimination Chamber. While facing Nia Jax in one of her most excruciating matches, Ripley was subjected to a humiliating move. What made this worse was the fact that her family, with her parents and siblings, were in the front row. Despite winning and retaining her title, Ripley wanted revenge. She got this in a dark match by pulling a page from Dwayne Johnson‘s cousin’s playbook.

Rhea Ripley hits Nia Jax with the iconic Stinkface

The match between Ripley and Jax was a war. Jax dominated with her raw power, while Ripley countered with surprising agility and sheer willpower. The challenger targeted the champion’s knee, trying to ground her. The Judgment Day member fought back with kicks and innovative offense, showcasing her athleticism and why she is Rhea ‘Bl**dy’ Ripley. However, during the match, Jax hit Ripley with the Stinkface. This was to humiliate her in front of her family. The move was iconic in Rikishi’s arsenal, who is Johnson’s cousin.


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Now, after waiting a whole month since the Chamber match, Ripley got her vengeance. During a live match against Jax, Ripley hit her with her own version of the Stinkface. She even included her nod to Eddie Guerrero’s signature shoulder shake while performing the move. Unfortunately, Jax did not sell the move and stood up immediately after the champion was done gloating.


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While the feud between Jax and Ripley may have ended at the Chamber, the loser of the bout still wants the title. For the past few weeks, she’s been targeting Lynch ahead of Mania. According to Jax, she doesn’t want ‘The Man’ to win the title. However, Lynch needs the title win more than anyone else. Even a former Women’s Champion wants the challenger to reign supreme at WrestleMania.

Trish Stratus wants Lynch to dethrone Ripley

In a recent interview with Gorilla Position, former Women’s Champion Trish Stratus talked about the upcoming Lynch vs Ripley match. She said, “I think Becky needs the win, I think she needs it for her, she needs to prove it to herself.” Stratus explained how Becky Lynch was a workhorse and always came out on top.


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Despite having her Mania match, Lynch has feuded with Liv Morgan and Jax in the past few weeks. During her last encounter with Jax in a Last Woman Standing match, ‘The Man’ did come out victorious. However, this could’ve taken a toll on her with just two weeks left for Mania. Nevertheless, we can be rest assured that the champion has a few tricks up her sleeve just as she revealed during her encounter against Nia Jax. What did you think of Ripley’s Stinkface? Tell us down below.

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