After several months as ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, Damian Priest finally cashed in the briefcase on the second night of WrestleMania XL. After an altercation between Drew McIntyre and CM Punk, Priest took the opportunity to trade places with the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Drew McIntyre.

Thanks to this, The Judgment Day star won his first World Championship in WWE. And while getting a title win is usually a good sign for one’s career, it seems like it is affecting Priest’s negatively instead. Since his title win, the audiences can see cracks within The Judgment Day. With Rhea Ripley too out injured, it might soon lead to Priest, Mami, and Dom-Dom leaving the team. And according to a renowned insider, this is the perfect opportunity for McIntyre to exact revenge. With him becoming the new leader of the faction.

The Judgment Day could record leadership changes with Drew McIntyre taking the helm


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The Judgment Day started with Edge as their leader. However, soon he found himself kicked out of the group. Mami and Damian Priest took charge of the affairs of the notorious faction. But now it seems like there will be another change as even Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio could leave the group. In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer podcast, Bryan Alvarez & Mike Sempervive discussed the current storylines of Damian Priest and The Scotsman. It was during this discussion that they revealed that the WWE might be planning a longer run for Priest, and he too wants to go all solo now.

Rhea Ripley could also turn her sole focus on amassing another title run when she returns and she may want to be unshackled from the faction. This gives McIntyre the perfect opportunity to take over as the new leader. Mike Sempervive said, “Drew McIntyre who would be a perfect leader of a new judgment day with those folks. Because I don’t think Rhea Ripley would be long for it. Even when she comes back, just a little bit to break her up with Dom, do whatever you have to do there. But she’s not going to be long for it. I think that would be perfect for Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, and JD going forward.” This surely would be exciting to see if McIntyre does take over the Judgment Day.


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Just imagining his brute force combining forces with the numbers advantage will surely give his fans goosebumps. But even right now The Scottish Warrior is delivering the best work of his life. And a veteran manager recently praised the storyline between CM Punk and McIntyre.

Eric Bischoff bestows praises on WWE for the immaculate build of the Punk-McIntyre rivalry

Last January, CM Punk suffered an injury during his participation in the Royal Rumble. Despite this, Punk has continued to appear in programming. Building a rivalry with Drew McIntyre that has become one of the company’s highlights today. Even though they have not wrestled due to Punk’s physical issues. On the recent episode of the 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff praised WWE for the excellent job they have done with CM Punk and Drew McIntyre. Bischoff also mentioned that he’s looking forward to the match between the two and that he believes it will be the icing on the cake of the rivalry.


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“I look forward to that fight. I think it’s going to be exciting. Oh my goodness, there’s only 20 minutes of wrestling in a 1 hour show… Like it matters… I’m not suggesting that great wrestling matches aren’t important, they certainly are. What I mean is that by the time CM Punk and Drew face off, they’ll have been telling a fascinating story and building a solid foundation of engagement, of emotional involvement, before the bell rings, so that the match they have, and I’m sure they will, as long as they all stay healthy, The fight they have will be the icing on the cake. But it’s not the cake.”

Currently, no specific date has been set for CM Punk’s return to the ring. However, there is speculation that at best he could return at SummerSlam, where he could have his long-awaited match against Drew McIntyre.

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