Rhea Ripley Reveals How Dominik Mysterio Helped Her Achieve a Higher Rating in WWE 2K23

Published 03/10/2023, 10:00 AM EST

For some fans, it may sound weird, but WWE stars worry a lot about their WWE video game ratings. With the brand new WWE 2K23 just around the corner to hit the markets, the ratings and roster on the game have both been announced. While for some stars the rating is not a big deal, for others it is the sum result of their annual hard work. Rhea Ripley suffered from the same set of issues.

When the ratings for the villainous wrestler came out, fans were not too happy. In a recent interview, Ripley revealed how her fans were not the only ones upset with her ratings. Her love interest on camera, Dominik Mysterio, has been a bit of a ‘bad boy’ lately and it shows.

Rhea Ripley gets her ratings fixed


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Some fans already demanded that her 2K ratings sitting at 87 should instead be 90. Nobody expected this short-lived dream to come true. In the online interview posted on WWE Germany’s Instagram page, Ripley revealed the ultimate truth about her rating increment. Although whatever ratings are given by the game developers are fixed, Ripley’s connections got her through.


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Once the ratings were revealed and Dom Dom witnessed his Mami’s, he insisted on getting it corrected. “Dom Dom called them up [game devs] and like, ‘yo, Mami needs a higher rating’. Then they gave me a 90 and I’m actually happy with a 90,” said The Eradicator.


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Even though Ripley didn’t have much to do with the game, she still appreciates the change. In the beginning, she also mentioned that she hasn’t yet played the game. However, it appears that she looks forward to playing it now since Dom Dom has bent the game in her direction.

Rhea Ripley’s bad boy is preparing himself


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Even the interviewer said at the end of the topic, “when prison Dom calls, games and jokes are over.” There is nothing wrong with the assumption since Dom Dom is getting to his goals soon. As he has previously mentioned several times, he looks forward to wrestling with his father and winning.

Ever since he turned heel on Rey Mysterio, Dominik has been out of control. According to several speculations, we can see the father-son duo fighting it out at WrestleMania 39. Even if they don’t, fans expect Dom to show up to help his Mami when she takes it up against Charlotte Flair in the title bout.


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Are you excited to see what role Dominik Mysterio plays in WrestleMania 39?



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