Rhea Ripley Says She Is Ready To Take On Becky Lynch And Ronda Rousey

Published 04/09/2021, 1:55 AM EDT

The mere name of Rhea Ripley strikes fear in the hearts of opponents. As soon as her opponents see her walking down the ramp, they know things are about to go down.


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Rhea Ripley is a product of NXT, has gone through the entire developmental process, and is WWE’s own created star. Spending the majority of her career in NXT, she was part of the golden generation of female stars that put the gold in the black and gold brand. 


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Rhea Ripley on facing Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey

WrestleMania 37 will feature Asuka and Rhea Ripley facing off each other for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. To bolster her big match, Sportskeeda was invited to a global conference call to interact with the talented young star. Rhea was asked if she wanted to fight Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey on their potential WWE returns; she instantaneously replied,

“Yeah, I’d love to face both of them. I had a little taste of being in the ring with Becky back in NXT before Shayna, Jessamyn, and Marina came out and absolutely destroyed that moment of mine. [Laughs] But I’d love to step in the ring with Becky.”‘

Rhea and Becky have faced each other before in the NXT brand of WWE, but are yet to face off on RAW. What a mouth-watering spectacle that will be for the fans.


Rhea’s Different Match With Ronda Rousey

Ripley explains that her match with Ronda will be a different kind of match by stating,

“And even Ronda as well. I think that we could really have a great match together. And it’d be something different. It’d be something different for me and I like different. I like to experience being in the ring with everyone and if they came back, like, put me in! Put me in, coach! I’m ready.” [Laughs]

Rhea against Ronda will undoubtedly be a different sort of match as both superstars have very different wrestling styles. Regardless of their differences, the fans know that they have no reason to miss such a match. Come on Vince, give the fans what they want!

Rhea Ripley on a run

Being the no.1 contender for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, some would argue that Ripley getting fast-tracked to WrestleMania is a bad thing.

We cannot blame WWE, as the planned contenders for the title match have had unforeseen situations in their personal lives. Rhea, since then, has certainly proved her worth. The fans are speculating if she will win the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania and go on a long reign with the title.


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What are your thoughts on Rhea’s comments? Let us know below!


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