Rhea Ripley headlined WWE’s last premium event. The Chamber ended with the women’s world champion’s victory over Nia Jax, and the moment turned into a local party in Australia, the fighter’s home country.

However, it seems like fun time has been paused for Ripley right now since, according to her, her social media account almost got hacked.

Ripley shares the news with fans


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Taking to her X account, Rhea Ripley tweeted that last night, when she went to sleep, her Instagram account was working fine. However, in the morning, she seemed to have trouble logging in. And according to her, it could be because someone was trying to hack her account. She wrote, “Went to sleep with IG, woke up to no IG… Guess someone tried to hack me.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare case. Other WWE superstars, such as John Cena, Chris Jericho, and Stephanie McMahon, have also been victims of such scenarios. In fact, things were worse in some of their cases as the hackers sure uploaded some hateful comments. Here’s what happened when the other superstars got hacked.

WWE’s list of some hacked superstars

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho‘s Twitter account was hacked in 2015. Everything appeared normal at first, but then the hacker collective “Galvanize Mob” began tweeting disparaging things about WWE. They primarily targeted Triple H and Vince McMahon.


A fan attacked Vince McMahon and the WWE again in 2016 by hacking Cesaro’s Twitter account and sending out multiple hateful comments. The hacker even went so far as to suggest that Vince getting cancer would be beneficial for WWE. Though it was obvious that Cesaro wasn’t the one uttering these things, some fans were astonished to witness these kinds of things being shared through his account.

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Stephanie McMahon


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The ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ too was hacked back in 2016. Someone uploaded some arbitrary pictures and videos along with changing her username to “bro tweets.” She later got her Facebook account hacked as well.

John Cena

An unidentified user gained access to John Cena‘s Twitter account in 2012. Numerous images and messages were shared with people worldwide by the hacker. And like Stephanie McMahon, his account too was hacked a second time. This time the hacker uploaded a picture of a naked old man.


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Well thankfully, this time the hackers failed and Rhea Ripley’s account did not get hacked. But this surely was a scare for ‘Mami’ and her fans worldwide. Have you ever experienced such a situation where you got hacked? Let us know in the comments.

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