Did Rhea Ripley's return just steal the spotlight from Solo Sikoa's Bloodline segment? What do you think?

Rhea Ripley finally returned to WWE after months of hiatus, trying to recover from the injury that Liv Morgan inflicted on her. Not only was the arena shaking with excitement when her theme music hit, but the internet wrestling community also went overboard and showed their love for the former WWE Women’s champion online.

The love that they showed was subtle in the form of the viewership that her segment received on YouTube. The clip featuring her WWE return crossed a milestone in 24 hours that The Bloodline couldn’t do in 11 days.

Rhea Ripley leaves behind a fan-favorite stable


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Monday Night Raw on 07/08 saw the return of a much-feared face in the WWE women’s division. Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio won the main event of the night. When the two were busy getting comfortable in the middle of the ring, celebrating their victory, Ripley’s music hit and she entered the arena. Scared for her life, Morgan left the arena by disappearing into the crowd and Dirty Dom then approached Mami to explain the situation to her. They had a little argument that was inaudible to the camera and then The Eradicator stormed off backstage.

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WWE secured 2.2 Million views on YouTube for this segment whereas The Bloodline segment where Solo Sikoa and the rest of the stable assaulted Paul Heyman attracted only 2.1 Million views in 11 days. This makes Ripley’s segment one of the most popular ones in recent weeks. And it appears that she is back in full swing.

Rhea Ripley seems to have already decided her first target

Things ended abruptly when Ripley was forced to take an injury hiatus. She announced her leave from the company after WrestleMania XL when she was brutally ambushed by Liv Morgan. The latter then went on a ‘revenge tour’ to destroy Mami in her absence from the company. She achieved a major milestone in lieu of that as she won the WWE Women’s World Championship in Jeddah. Moreover, she also has succeeded in seducing Daddy Dom. Although he resisted and pushed her away for the most part, Mysterio started to give in to the alluring aura of Liv Morgan.


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This is when Ripley had her surprise entrance and chased after her nemesis. Before the chase even began, the WWE Women’s champion watched in horror as the Australian wrestler marched furiously down the ramp to the squared circle. That scared look is what seems to have excited Ripley further into setting her eyes on Morgan until she gets her revenge for getting sabotaged during her successful title reign. To show where she may be headed shortly, the former champion updated her ‘X’ profile picture to showcase her first target since comeback.

Do you think the huge pop upon her return can win back the title for Ripley? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.