WWE held the first episode of SmackDown since WrestleMania 40 on the 12th. The show was highly anticipated, and what it offered certainly did not disappoint the fans. A lot was expected of what the Bloodline had to say, after their big loss at WrestleMania 40- notably, Jimmy’s fall to his brother Jey Uso, and Roman Reigns‘s defeat against Cody Rhodes. But what stole everyone’s attention was a new face in the WWE.

Halfway through the blue show, Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa, and Jimmy Uso arrived in the ring. After a brief but heartfelt speech by Heyman about what happened at WrestleMania 40, former NJPW star Toma Tonga made his WWE debut. The former Bullet Club attacked Jimmy Uso and revealed himself as a new member of the Bloodline, who was welcomed by Solo Sikoa. In a later segment, they revealed they did this under the instruction of the Tribal Chief, who wasn’t Reigns. So who could it be? The Rock?

The establishment of the new Bloodline


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Toma Tonga officially arrived in WWE on tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown following WrestleMania 40. In recent months, after the farewell to NJPW, there had been rumors of the signing of the Good Bad Guy with WWE and even his entry into the Bloodline. While it astonishingly turned out to be true, the actual turning point of the show came in a backstage interview where Tama Tonga claimed the assault was “by the orders of the Tribal Chief”, but it wasn’t Roman Reigns, who has held the role for nearly four years.

This has led to several theories and speculations to come up. And one of them is what seems to be the most plausible as well as the most exciting. And it is that the Rock is the new Tribal Chief. He did warn Cody Rhodes that he would be coming back for the Universal Championship, while also gifting him a hidden item that indicated something sinister for the future. So maybe the Rock is the new leader of the Bloodline with Tama Tonga by his side. Or at least, that is what the fans believe.


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Fans expect a new leader

As soon as the clips of the segment hit the internet, it took no time for the fans to share their thoughts on it. Storming the comment section, they shared their theories. One of which included the aforementioned claim. And it was an opinion shared by the majority. In fact, here are some of the comments.

One fan believed that the WWE is setting up Roman Reigns vs. The Rock now.

“This is going to be the Rock’s faction. This is just the start of Roman vs Rock”

Another fan claimed that this was a move by the Brahma Bull himself.

“Rock making move already”

This fan also seconded the idea of an upcoming feud between the cousins.

“Rock is the new Tribal Chief thus building up the feud between Rock and Roman.”


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One fan believes that Reigns would build his own Bloodline again for the feud.

“Rock is the new tribal chief. Roman is gonna build up the old bloodline pre Solo and face this new faction at a paperview fs”

Another speculated that this means a face turn for the Big Dog.


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“He mean the rock! Roman is turning face”

Well, it surely looks like the fans want the Brahma Bull to be the new leader of the stable. But when can we get to see the fight if the theory turns true? Could they be building it for SummerSlam? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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