After Solo Sikoa took charge of The Bloodline, he implemented too many changes. It’s all chaos. The radical shifts in the faction were the first hint that Sikoa might be defying the orders and suggestions given by Roman Reigns. And now the murmurs of the latter’s discontent have spread like wildfire after he made a move on social media. What did Reigns do?

The internet wrestling community, through posts and podcasts, has been speculating about an inevitable civil war in The Bloodline. Although this storyline was supposed to be reserved until Reigns was back from hiatus, it appears that the feud in the family may have already started.

Did Roman Reigns just hint at a war against Solo Sikoa?


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There have been several changes in the membership list of The Bloodline, including Jimmy Uso getting kicked out. Apart from that, Solo Sikoa has also taken major decisions without consulting its Wiseman. The sentiment among viewers is that Roman Reigns won’t be happy with this when he comes back and might get kicked out of the stable.

Recently, we noticed that The Tribal Chief no longer follows the temporary leader of The Bloodline on Instagram. This denunciation isn’t limited to just Sikoa. He doesn’t follow any of the Tongans either.

It seems the sentiment is just one-sided at the moment, as Sikoa still follows his older cousin on the social media platform. This could represent the fact that Roman Reigns disapproved of the inclusion of the Tongans in the stable of the Anoa’i family. Hence, he doesn’t follow them on social media and has unfollowed Sikoa, arguably, for defying his wishes.

Secondly, Reigns may not be content with the fact that ‘The Enforcer’ is trying to step up to the plate and emulate him. Solo Sikoa has outlined his intentions of challenging Cody Rhodes and becoming the new WWE Universal Championship- A title that Reigns had a long reign with until recently. Sikoa trying to emulate Reigns and take up the mantle with force could drive a wedge between The Tribal Chief and The Enforcer.

All-in-all, here are three reasons why Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa might clash:

1. Sikoa has made too many changes to The Bloodline (without the permission of The Tribal Chief)
2. Solo Sikoa hasn’t been listening to Paul Heyman as well. In fact, in one incident, he smashed the manager’s phone.
3. The younger cousin’s actions could help Roman Reigns return as a babyface.

WWE stars usually take kayfabe seriously even during public interactions and social media activities. So, there is a possibility that this may be foreshadowing some future feud within The Bloodline. And with Roman Reigns reported to undergo a massive transformation on his return, the storyline remains ever-dynamic.


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Could Reigns’ future in the WWE take a different turn?

Roman Reigns has served as a heel for quite some time. It seems like it’s about time that he turns face if the storyline demands so. With the possibility of the Head of the Table getting kicked out, we might see his heart change, redeeming himself much like Jey Uso.

This might also lead to the old Bloodline reuniting again as babyfaces when both Reigns and Jimmy have completely turned their characters around. Then, we can expect a tribal civil war that may conclude the fate of The Bloodline moving forward. Since it could be a vast storyline, WWE may be taking baby steps like this through social media to lay the foundation of the feud.


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However, let us not forget how his 2014 run as a babyface didn’t really work. With people like Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose present, it was difficult for Reigns to convince the audience. While the WWE tried to push it as much as possible, it simply didn’t strike the right cord with fans. But later, as a heel, he dominated. If the future sees him transition into a babyface, the storyline seems strong enough to engross fans this time.

As of now, nothing is confirmed. Yet when we look at what’s brewing, it is difficult to ignore that a split of The Bloodline seems a reality in the near future. What do you think of Roman Reigns’ social media move?