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Roman Reigns Reveals Which NXT Superstar He Would Like to Face

Roman Reigns Reveals Which NXT Superstar He Would Like to Face

Roman Reigns has set his eyes on new opponents after he annihilated his cousin Jey Uso at Clash of Champions 2020. In a recent interactive session on Zoom, Reigns said he’d love to take on some NXT Superstars.

I’d like to maybe tangle with Adam Cole, I think that would be neat. I think we would get some really good reaction,” Reigns said. He saw Cole’s match with Pat McAfee at TakeOver: XXX, where he defeated former NFL player Pat McAfee in an impressive singles match.

Adam Cole is an NXT legend

Cole is arguably one of the most successful Superstars in NXT history with a historic reign of 397 days as the NXT Champion. He is also a former North American and NXT Tag Team champion.

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Most recently, Cole dropped the NXT Championship to Keith Lee in an iconic match. Reigns also said that he considered Keith Lee as a possible opponent, especially now that he has moved to the main roster.

Adam Cole is an asset to NXT. However, like a few handfuls, he has seemingly completed his journey in NXT. Last year, Cole made a brief appearance on the main roster. He beat Daniel Bryan on SmackDown and had a great match against Seth Rollins on Raw.

After NXT TakeOver: XXX, Keith Lee dropped his NXT title and ascended to the main roster. Adam Cole’s situation is very similar to Lee as he does not have a match on the upcoming TakeOver and he has been lying low for a few days.

Like Keith Lee, Cole can also move to the main roster any day now. With WWE Drafts announced, he can come to the main roster sooner than we expected. When he does so, it would be great seeing him and Roman Reigns go head to head.

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