The run of The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns finally comes to an end. The WrestleMania XL Night 2 saw amazing matches at Lincoln Financial Field stadium in the City of Brotherly Love. The highlight of Night 2 was the much-anticipated match between Cody Rhodes and Reigns. The stadium was filled to see who would win and the WWE Universe’s wish came true. The American Nightmare won the WWE Championship belt. 

However, many paid tribute to Roman Reigns’ reign including Vince McMahon’s grandson. During the match, many legends graced the ring to help Rhodes. Wrestlers such as John Cena, and The Undertaker chimed in to stop The Rock and Solo Sikoa. But, apart from all the action, there was one moment that grabbed fans’ attention. Reigns was seen smiling during the countdown by the referee. 

Tribal Chief smiled as Rhodes pinned him down


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The babyfaces were trying their best to put an end to the heel faction of The Bloodline. Previously on Night 1, Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns successfully defeated Rhodes and Rollins in the tag team match. Due to this many fans thought that this time too The Tribal Chief would be able to retain his title as it was an all Bloodlines Rule match. However, Wrestle Ops tweeted something unusual during the last countdown. 

During the singles match between Rhodes and Reigns, Jey Uso and Seth Rollins also entered the ring to help Rhodes finish his story. Rhodes smoothly managed to deliver his finishing move three times- Cross Rhodes. The referee started counting after the pindown by Rhodes and fans noticed by the end of it Reigns was smiling. One might think after losing such a prestigious title sadness falls in. However, it was a sudden character change as it looked like he dropped his kayfabe during that moment.


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Roman Reigns came back to WWE in 2020 and aligned with Paul Heyman to become The Tribal Chief. After that, the Bloodline dominated WWE for a lot of years being one of the top factions. Dwayne Johnson was added to the faction in 2024. The Black Adam actor even went out to beat down Cody Rhodes in one of the backstage segments. 

Now speculations are that Reigns might take a hiatus. Although nothing of the sort has been confirmed. Recently he did address concerns about still having Leukamia. 

Roman Reigns is on oral medications due to Leukemia

During Night 1 of WrestleMania XL, it was addressed live that Roman Reigns is still suffering from Leukemia. Fans were worried after hearing this news but were still doubting the credibility. However, after Roman Reigns and Dwayne Johnson won the tag team match they attended the post-event press conference. 


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During the press conference, Roman Reigns acknowledged the questions regarding Leukemia. “I’m still on oral chemotherapy. It’s a medication that I’m gonna have to remain on my entire life, most likely. So yeah, that’s just a part of my personal battle. It doesn’t affect, thank God I’m still able to perform,” he said. 

After seeing him smiling during the pindown the WWE Universe believed that Reigns knew his time was up. Hence, maybe he will temporarily take a leave from WWE. 


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Do you think a new storyline is on the way? Or will Roman Reigns really take a hiatus due to health reasons? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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